Husky Man Travels: “Don’t Let Your Size Be Your Crutch”

Editor’s Note: This month, we are pleased to introduce our latest blog contributor to the PLUS Model Magazine team. His name is Kavah King and he runs the blog The Gentlemen’s Curb where he covers fashion, fitness and other lifestyle topics for the plus size/big & tall/brawn/chubby man. We’re excited to have him on board to contribute stories geared towards our plus size male readers. Welcome Kavah!

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A few weeks ago, I headed to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for some rest and relaxation. I live in Brooklyn, New York so I jumped at the chance to breathe some fresh air.

Most of the time, traveling as a person of size is not easy. But… traveling is good for the soul so you should never let your size stop you from exploring what’s out there in the world. Hispaniola has a very rich history and I’m grateful that I was able to experience the island.

Besides the normal hiccups traveling, I realized that Delta Airlines is NOT made for people of size. I felt like I was sitting in a child’s seat the entire flight. I know for sure that the next time I fly with Delta Airlines, that I am upgrading to first class; not for anything more than for comfort.


Despite the flight issue, once there, I had a phenomenal time! I can’t fully describe how calming and freeing it was to do absolutely nothing. I ate when I wanted. I slept when I wanted. I even got comfortable when I wanted.

The menu was amazing! I had pineapples and watermelon during every meal. Since pineapples are my favorite fruit, the fact that there was so much pineapples available to eat, that was a highlight of my vacation.

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I ate so much fruit and drank so much water that I felt refreshed and ready to tackle everything. And that I did!


I tried so many things that were on my “must-do” list while there. Most notably, I mustered up the courage to go kayaking.

At 6’1 and 324 pounds, you become hesitant about trying new activities where your feet aren’t on the ground. However, I decided to face my apprehensions and get my “husky” self into the Atlantic Ocean.

**That’s what’s my great grandmother calls me: “Husky”. I can’t even argue with a 94-year-old woman.**

I listened carefully to the directions given and hopped into the kayak. The water can hold up cruise ships that weigh thousands of pounds. So I had nothing to be fearful or apprehensive about, right? Nah.


I ended up overboard. It was one of the funniest things that happened on vacation. I should have placed myself in the center, which would have balanced the boat. In retrospect, I wasn’t as centered in the boat as I thought. I tried again and was successful. I was not about to give up.

I almost kayaked to Spain! <laughs> Not bad for the big guy. Don’t let your size be your crutch. Always keep trying until your goals are reached. Whether you’re trying a new activity or just trying anything in life where you are hesitant because of your size, never give up.

Overall, I had a phenomenal time and suggest all men, especially of size, get out there and travel. The Caribbean sun and blue water is a must for everyone.


In traveling, make sure you can be accommodated. Make sure you aren’t cramped up. Don’t sit near a window seat on a plane unless you have enough leg room. The only thing I wanted to do was stretch my legs on the flight!

Until next time… Kavah

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