Torrid’s New Denim Campaign Slays It On The Diversity Front

Image: Torrid

11 women, ranging in sizes 10 – 30, different races and ethnicities, all in one room, in one campaign. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, that dream has become a reality courtesy of Torrid.

The plus size fashion retailer launched their denim campaign on Monday (7/25) and they took an opportunity to use their denim campaign to not just promote the new line but SHOW size and color diversity at a time when it is so needed.

It’s a smart move on Torrid’s part during a time where brands are trying to create campaigns that not only market their collections but show customers a range of bodies and faces.

The diverse group of 11 women are comprised of an eclectic mix of celebrities, fashion bloggers, Torrid customers and employees, all chosen for the campaign because of their unique and powerful approach to plus-size style. Each woman in the campaign shows off one of Torrid’s 11 perfect denim fits.

Notable participants include:

Left: Georgina Burke / Middle: Actress Adrienne C. Moore / Right: Philomena Kwao
Adrienne Moore Torrid image1
Actress Adrienne C. Moore

According to the official press release:

“The Fall 2016 denim campaign reinforces Torrid’s dedication to making the best fitting plus-size denim, designed for women sizes 10 to 30 and will be featured in Torrid stores nationwide, and brand social channels and YouTube.”

Torrid_FallDenim_PR_011 Lyanna Lynette
Lyanna Lynette, Winner of the 2015 Torrid Model Search

Liz Munoz, SVP of Design for Torrid states:

“The blue jean industry insists on fitting jeans on fit models whose shapes don’t represent what American women really look like. Everything we do at Torrid is done with our customer in mind; it’s always about her. We fit on a fit models and cross check on multiple girls of varying sizes, and then tweak the cut until we know they really fit everyone. Lucky for me, for the first time in my career I get to actually wear the amazing jeans I design.”

We love that Torrid chose fashion bloggers Anna O’ Brien, Simone Mariposa, Allison Teng and Loey Lane. Anna of Glitter and Lazers is a personal fave of ours and Simone Mariposa has been a regular on our Instagram page.

Allison Teng and Loey Lane are doing such amazing things in the body positive world. It’s wonderful to see bloggers above a size 24 used in a major denim campaign and to see diversity on a whole represented.

Simone Anna torrid image1
Left: Simone Mariposa / Right: Anna O’ Brien

Videos of each of the women featured in the campaign will be posted on Torrid social media and YouTube channels, featuring personal accounts of how Torrid’s denim has empowered each of them by offering the widest selection of sexy, stylish and flawlessly fitting jeans.

Kate Horton, SVP General Merchandise Manager for Torrid said:

“Nobody’s jeans fit better than ours and this campaign really proves it: eleven Torrid jeans showcased on eleven incredible women of all different shapes and sizes. These women look drop-dead gorgeous. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Actress Adrienne C. Moore spoke of her positive experience shooting the campaign:

“I loved it! Meeting all these ladies following their dreams and passions, it was really empowering to hear all their different stories. From a fashion standpoint, it looked amazing. It was so interesting to see the array of denim and styles, accentuating everyone’s beautiful curves. We had a blast.”

Here’s some more images from the campaign:

If you are a Torrid denim lover, you can join in on the campaign by posting an image of you in your favorite Torrid jeans on Instagram with the hashtag #INMYJEANS and make sure to tag Torrid as well — @torridfashion.

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Images courtesy of Torrid.