Big & Tall Men Style: Designer Troy Adkins Debuts Volare at NYFW


Too often, big and tall men’s fashion is limited to traditional designs and patterns. It’s as if designers use the same designs for men of size across the board. Where are the luxury designers? Where are the high-end designers for the big and tall/plus male customer?

Designer Troy Adkins is answering that call. Aiming to fill the void of high-end fashion in the big and tall/plus male fashion industry with his clothing brand Volare, the designer debuted his pieces during New York Fashion Week on September 14. Adkins is a designer on the rise, tapping into a lucrative market that is underserved and underestimated.


I had the opportunity to speak to Adkins before the show to find out more about Volare and what inspired him to design luxury fashion for men of size.

Derived from the Italian word meaning “fly”, Troy Adkins’ Volare aims to be the “Balmain for big and tall men“. That may sound like a big role to fill but Adkins is more than ready.

Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Adkins’ journey into fashion began by him styling his plus male friends. It inspired him to delve more into the fashion world, which in turn showed him how big and tall men are often ignored when it comes to designer fashion.

Adkins pursued his dream further after his close friend was murdered. Adkins told us exclusively:

“My friend would always encourage me to keep pursuing a career in fashion. Since I styled most of my friends who were big and tall, it seemed like a no-brainer for him. Since his death, I have worked hard daily to keep my promise.”

Described as “urban and classic”, Adkins said of his brand:

Volare is a brand inspired by life. Why should anyone be limited because of their size? I hope that Volare can inspire other men of size and help build their confidence. We use fabrics that aren’t necessarily popular in big and tall fashion. We aim to be in stores within major markets such as Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.”

As Adkins mentioned, what’s noticeable about the brand is that it incorporates various materials that aren’t traditionally used in creating big and tall fashion. The designs and cuts of the fabric aren’t what we usually see as well. As a man of size, these factors made me gravitate towards the brand.

Volare is also a brand that wants to offer big and tall men a variety of options to choose from; the brand includes eveningwear, outerwear to even activewear in sizes up to 4X.

For the brand’s launch, Volare pulled no punches in spreading awareness about the brand and cause.

The fashion show featured big and tall models on the runway in Adkins’ latest designs including Ady Del Valle (@iam_adydelv).

Many plus male bloggers and models were in the building to show their support of the new fashion line such as Zach Miko, Michael-Anthony Spearman (@thebigfashionguy), and William Beave Brooks (@the_awesome_life_of_a_beaver).





For now, you can stay updated with Volare on Instagram here: @volaremenswear and see more on its website here:

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Image credits: James Madigan (runway images)/ Kavah King