PMM Exclusive Interview with Body Positive Artist/Model Moet Cristal

Art is the perfect medium to showcase how we feel about ourselves. In this body positive era, I find it truly exhilarating to be able to see art that embraces all body types. When I came across the artist/model Moet Cristal, all I could say was Yassssss!

So, of course, I needed to sit down with this inspirational beauty and dig deep into her creative mind!moet-art-image1Natasha: Do you consider yourself an artist? If so, how would you describe the type of artist you are or the type of art you create?

Moet: I consider myself to be an artist in every part of my being! I tend to mix media including acrylic, gouache, watercolor, paper, as well as photography and graphics to create fashion influenced images of curvy figures, nudes, portraits, as well as handmade paper flower bouquets, and flower displays. I want to create uplifting, fun, sexy, beautiful art to inspire and empower women of all walks of life to be uniquely themselves. We all are a piece of art, and I want my art to help people see that humans are beautiful for just existing.burlesquelady_moetcristal

Natasha: There seem to be various thoughts on the term “body positive”. How would you define the term and the movement?

Moet: I think the term “body positive” means to be accepting, loving, caring, celebrating, and growing yourself, as much as you humanly can. “Body positive” is a mental and physical thing. One must take action physically but also mentally change the self-talk to one of motivation, encouragement, and optimism. I am grateful that there is a movement of people that are embracing their body and gaining confidence. But I hope that people take that to another level. Deeper than the appreciation of their appearance, I want for people to say “I am so grateful for this body, life, and soul that I have!!!” Being body positive is truly feeling celebratory of oneself and of others, being truthful with yourself, and not being your worst critic. To be body-positive is to be brave enough to say that I’m not going to hate on my body or other people’s bodies anymore. bubblelady_moetcristal


Natasha: What prompted you to decide to use your own body in your art?

Moet: Earlier in my art life, I drew self-portraits occasionally because it was convenient or necessary because I could model for myself. Besides being an artist, I’m also a freelance model so I have stood for live drawings and have been drawn in the past. It was pretty natural for me to create the type of art that I am creating now, I suppose. I see the world a certain way and some people can think what they want about my art: “it’s ugly, overweight women naked, it’s vulgar.” However, I think women are judged for everything! Often people judge a girl if she’s showing her bra strap, or if she has acne, or if she is pretty, ugly, fat, or hairy. Let us live! If it was a guy, no one would care. We need to see images of women in all types of ways and the curvy figure is just truth for the majority of women. I want to keep painting myself and women like me because representation in the media matters. I want for us to celebrate what we have been told to hide all these years!free-flower


Natasha: What type of emotional response do you hope to achieve through your art?

Moet: I hope for people to feel inspired, loved, beautiful, special and appreciated. If you have a similar body type to the women in this painting, they are glorious, and you are too. If you look different, you are beautiful, too! I want people to feel comfortable in their bodies. Just as they exist right now.

In society, we would rather see guns or drugs (two manmade things of destruction) on TV than a naked person, or people having sex, both things which are totally normal and natural. Why is that? If we don’t allow for women to have positive views of their own bodies, we won’t progress in this world. Women need to feel empowered and they need to feel free in their skin. We don’t need to cover up, we aren’t your boo, we don’t want you even if we are all dressed up. I think that society sees naked or scantily clad women as a threat. I want to change that.flamingcurves_moetcristal


Natasha: What has been the response so far to your work?

Moet: I have had a very warm response! I have recently come to a place where I am believing in my art enough to show it off. This past September, I was able to do the background flowers for SmartGlamour’s Fall Fashion Line! It was great because I felt that I did a great job in accentuating Mallorie Dunn’s designs. I loved being a part of such a body positive, all-inclusive experience and people really loved the flowers. It also was a fun challenge taking the bouquets I have been making for years to another level!20160816_104600

People like my art because it is of fuller figures, often one similar to themselves. I would love for people all over to have my art in their home because it has been described as comforting. It is different because people are used to seeing thinner women in paintings, so I just want to bring my own perspective and I’m glad that people are receptive!newsprint-rose-arrangement_moetcristalNatasha: In what direction do you see your art evolving?

Moet: I see my art becoming a full-time business for myself. I want to create an uplifting, fun, rebellious, sexy brand that is celebrating women! I am coming into this place of celebrating myself, and it is super hard for me to do that as a person who tends to stay to herself. I have been overcoming my anxiety and fears that come with a full commitment to my art and modeling as a career, networking, advertising, believing in myself. I want people to know me as a positive force in the industry, who wants to show a vibrant side of the curvy life.

Soon I will be launching a few more site pages to my website, where I will be showcasing my art, photography, and modeling work. You’ll also be able to learn more about me and even book me for events. Currently, you can check it out to see some of my past shoots and Instagram posts, sign up for my Skillshare class to learn how to make some paper flowers and get special coupon codes for my favorite brands. Plus, all my social media links are on my site as well so you can find me — My main handle is @MoetCristal!supercheetahlicious_moetcristal

Thanks Moet for such an inspiring and wonderful interview!Natasha footer image