Meet Plus Model Hannah Whitlock

Hannah Whitlockmeet-plus-model-hannah-whitlock-4

Hometown: Lilburn, Georgia




What have been your favorite modeling experiences so far?

I really enjoyed being in my first two runway shows at the Atlanta Apparel Mart and walking for Abbey Glass in the Perfect Palate Benefit on the Atlanta Beltline. Both of these experiences were very fun because I got to do them close to home and explore news parts of the city of Atlanta, that I love

What is your personal fashion aesthetic?

My personal fashion aesthetic is very versatile; I can go from preppy, to chic, to boho, to edgy, and all the way back. I would say my day-to-day style is best described as a mix of boho and the casual teenage girl look.

If you were not modeling, what field would you be working in?

Besides modeling, acting is a very important part of my life and is my favorite hobby. If I weren’t modeling, or even in addition to modeling, I would want to have a career in acting.

What do you like to do in your off time?

I play basketball for my school and I throw discus for my track team. As mentioned before, I also enjoy acting in my high school’s theater department.


Has there been someone in your life that has influenced you, fashion or otherwise?

Someone who has really influenced me in a fashion sense is Blake Lively. Blake looks fabulous all of the time, and rocks the effortless beauty as well.

What is your advice to aspiring models?

My advice is to go for it! When I was younger, I never thought I would be in the job I am in now. If you really want something, you should set your mind to it, and work hard for it.

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