2017: the year I die

A little bit of clarification.

I’m not actually planning on dying next year (sorry haters). However, I do plan to kill off parts of me that no longer propel me forward or contribute to my well-being.

So yes, parts of me will die, but I plan to stick around for a while. 2017 will be the year of radical growth – no looking back and full blast ahead!

So which parts do I plan to off?

1) Scared Natasha: She’s been on my hitlist for a while, and every year, I chip away at her. But 2017 will be the year I bury her for good. The common thread I see among my clients is the element of fear. In many ways, that fear acts as a noose that can strangle opportunities and progress. But when I closely examine and dig deep into their fears, it’s clear that they’re completely artificial. So imagine all your fears, insecurities and negative traits as smaller versions of yourself… and slowly pick them off one by one. Everyone experiences fear, but not everyone is equipped with the weapons to defend against it.

2) Vanilla Natasha: I have a few tattoos but I wouldn’t call myself adventurous or bad-ass compared to other people I’ve met. So Vanilla Natasha has got to go! I don’t like cliches but the idea that life is short is also a scientific fact. I can’t say I’ve ever really regretted going out of my comfort zone for unique experiences, but I certainly have a running list of all the things I missed out on by saying no. This year, I had the pleasure of modeling some fabulous bras with Q-T Intimates. Did I ever think I would be doing this? No. What did I love about the experience? I became even more comfortable with my body.

3) Homebody Natasha: Oh yes, the Natasha who always says she wants to travel but doesn’t; who wants to get physically active but loses steam — this Natasha will not be missed! Once I shed her, plan on seeing me attend a pole dancing class with Roz Mays in the new year, and jet-setting around this country and beyond!

Will I miss any of those Natashas in the future? Nah. I’ve got bigger and better things to look forward to.

I recommend that you try this mental exercise. Some of you may be turned off by the notion of “killing” a version of yourself. I ask, “Why not?”, if it leads to real progress and improvement?

Sometimes, radical change occurs through a radical change in mindset. Trigger words work to throw us off balance so we can have fresh eyes on the situation.

But I’d be remiss not to provide this warning: DO NOT actually harm yourself physically. This is simply a mental exercise.

Keep Thriving!

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