This Brand Is Taking The Junior Plus Market By Storm

When plus size fashion brand Lovesick launched last year, the curvy fashion newcomer took the industry by storm.

Known as the little sister to plus size brand Torrid, the brand has put their own spin on inclusiveness by focusing on a market that is extremely underserved… the junior plus market.

Plus size teens have been shopping at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and Rue 21 but Lovesick offers something that those brands don’t. They offer an assortment that is geared more towards teens from a fun junior plus aspect that’s affordable and effortless. However, they also cater to women who are above a size 22 and looking for casual styles and great fitting jeans.

The brand recently announced that they were expanding their size range to include a size 8, which means they will now offer a size range of 8 – 26. According to the brand, they want “to expand their fits to offer a wider audience of curvy girls the on-trend fashions they love.

The size 8 addition was announced via a new campaign featuring Lovesick brand ambassador and plus model Jordyn Woods, alongside models Barbie Ferreira, Diana Veras and Lulu B. The models all range in sizes from 8 to 18.Lovesick diverse image jeans

The models chosen are all major influencers who are pioneering a body positive movement, inspiring and empowering girls of all shapes and sizes to feel confident.

Kim Bajrech, Lovesick Vice President & General Merchandising Manager said in an official statement:

“Our brand is evolving into an inclusive brand where size doesn’t matter; only fun, young and cool fashion trends for girls is our focus. When we first launched last April, we noticed we were attracting smaller-sized customers who were shopping with their curvy girlfriends. We thought this was a great opportunity for us to break through traditional ‘plus size norms’ and become that inclusive brand that offers a range of sizes on both ends of the spectrum.”

Each of the models expressed their joy at being in such an important campaign designed to reach teen girls and help them be more confident via fashion.

Diana Veras:

“Working on the Lovesick campaign was so much fun, but it is especially fun when you are working with friends. The crew was beyond amazing which always makes shoots much more interesting! Lovesick fits my style because they have the perfect basics, plus I can never find jeans that wrap around my butt correctly, theirs are perfect!”

Barbie Ferreira:

“I think that women are always taught no matter what they look like, it’s not good enough. Even the most beautiful people are getting plastic surgery because nothing is enough. It’s not women’s fault that they think there’s a perfect body, it’s the diet industry and media promoting the idea of health at a tiny size. Stay educated, and know what your plans for life are and don’t rely on anyone else telling you what your limits are.”

Jordyn Woods:

“For me, I love to find fashionable clothes that fit well and make me feel comfortable! Through my work with Lovesick, I am able to speak to the next generation and promote quality fashion for sizes that make them feel confident.”

Lulu Bonfils:

Modeling was something I definitely never thought I’d do, which is what I’m sure many models say, but growing up I never thought it’d be possible for a woman my size to be given the opportunities that I’ve had! I’ve made friends with so many creative, beautiful, like-minded people, and the experience has been so eye-opening.

Inclusivity in the fashion industry means more than just showing one type of curvy body type, it means showing people that have something other than a perfect hourglass shape and people that can’t fit into what retail stores are giving out. The average person isn’t what the media makes them out to be, or what fashion and advertising makes them out to be. I’d like to see more designers, retail, as well as media outlets reflect that people usually don’t look like what we see advertised, blown up, and popularized.”

Lovesick has also partnered with Plan International’s Because I am a Girl program to reinforce their commitment to empower young girls globally and promote wellness and self-esteem. Lovesick’s partnership with Because I am a Girl helps educate young women in need in developing countries by providing tuition, school supplies and uniforms with a portion of Lovesick sales.

To see more of what Lovesick offers, click here. You can also follow them on social media at @lovesickfashion.

We’re excited to see what Lovesick does next!