PMM Inspiration: How I Decided To Not Just Be Inspired But Do Something More

Quotes are inspirational. YouTube clips are inspirational. Bite size video clips on social media are inspirational.

The feeling of inspiration is amazing.

But then it’s back to life as is. Nothing has changed in your life. You go home, turn on the TV or look down on your phone and pass the time until you sleep. Then repeat from the beginning.

At what point do we get inspired enough to do something? Doing things is hard, but being inspired is fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading great quotes too. But great quotes don’t change my life by themselves. I learned that the hard way.

I used to read tons of quotes each day and it seemed to make my day go by faster and improve my mood. But after a while, I realized that nothing had actually changed.

I meet a lot of people who read books and learn for knowledge. But I often wonder what’s the point of knowledge if all you’re acquiring it for is just to repeat it to the next person.

When I meet someone who is full of great quotes, I run the opposite direction. I try to find the person who is quiet but is doing things; that’s the person that’s making change. Everyone else is either entertaining or being entertained.

Every day, my goal is to do something more. It could be picking up a new hobby or reaching out to someone new or old, or just spending 30 minutes brainstorming on anything that pops up in my mind and writing those ideas down. I do something.

Sound easy? Not so.Natasha image 1-24-17

Every once in a while, think about all the things you did during your day. How many of those things are the same things you did yesterday, the day before. How many were new and pushed you forward in some direction? The majority of us are on autopilot in life. When we drive a certain route to work every day, we eventually stop thinking about it and it just happens.

It’s when we take a detour that we start becoming aware of the surroundings again. We’re on our toes. We notice new things.

But it’s not easy.

If it was easy, then we’d all be perfectly fulfilled every day and consistently achieve our goals.

Personally, I think true inspiration is something that causes you to change something about your life to improve it, and to do that until your life actually improves.

Everything else is just entertainment.

How many people get “inspired” every day in their cubicle? Probably a lot. But I’d bet most of them never change their lives as a direct result of it.

I used to get inspired about starting my own business all the time while at work.

Then one day I got laid off and stopped getting inspired and actually started my own business.

My hope is that this post doesn’t inspire you, but prompts you to do something. Because doing something is better than nothing. If you do enough of it, you may be surprised at the result.

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