The 40+ Blogger Series: Gail of Fab Four Fashion

If you’re 40 or older, you have had a front seat to the evolution of plus size fashion in the last few decades.

When I hear 20-something year-old’s complain about how limited plus size fashion is, I always tell them, “You have no idea. What’s available now is leaps and bounds from where we used to be.

We thought it would be interesting, as well as insightful, to spotlight 12 plus size fashion bloggers over 40 in a weekly series, chatting with them about their style, favorite trends and how their fashion choices have evolved over the years.

This week, the 40+ Blogger Series features the gorgeous and always chic, Gail of Fab Four Fashion.GT Edited MonifCDress

Blogging since: March 2015

Age: 42

Size: 20/22

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How would you describe your style right now in one sentence? Classic with a dash of edginess!

What were your favorite brands and trends when you were in your 20’s?

When I was younger, I was smaller than I am now (about a size 14-18) so I could get away with shopping at The Gap, Banana Republic, and a large Canadian department store called Hudson’s Bay. Again, I leaned toward more classic styles as I was better able to remix the look with accessories so the outfit wasn’t so “mature” looking. <laughs>

What are your favorite brands and trends now?

Some of my favorite brands now are Eloquii (I’ve dubbed them the BCBG for plus size fashion!), Monif C, Rebdolls, Rue107 and Forever 21 Plus, ASOS Curve, MissGuided and Boohoo Plus!

The trends I’m loving right now particularly for fall/winter are velvet jackets, dresses or shoes, leopard print (as I believe leopard is a neutral), and military chic!GT Rue107Dress-IMG_0424

How has your style changed over the years? Did your body image affect the way you dressed?

My style now is much more adventurous because the fashion industry and independent designers like Monif C are offering us plus size women more options! So now, I’m rocking bodycon styles, two-piece swimsuits and faux leather skirts – something I could never have done in the past because 1. I wasn’t as confident style-wise or really comfortable in my body as I am now and 2. Because more edgy fashion options were just not available when I was in my 20’s.

What advice would you offer your younger self when it comes to fashion and body positivity?

The advice I would give my younger self is to not compare yourself or your body to someone else’s because comparison is the thief of joy. With respect to fashion, I would say, let trends be a guide but feel free to remix those trends so they work for you. Fashion should bend to your will, not the other way around. Have fun with it!GTEdited-IMG_1864SequinSkirt

What trends are you happy to see return this fall and winter?

I was very excited to see leather jackets, dark florals and military inspired looks.

Who are some of your style inspirations in the blogger world?

Some of my style inspirations from the blogging world are, without question my dear friends and co-Founders of Fab Four Fashion plus OG’s like:


What trends are you looking forward to this spring?

Bold stripes, athleisure looks, ruffle detailing on shirts and skirts, and vibrant colour!

What are your plans for the blog in 2017?

For 2017, we will be leveling up, offering even more style tips and tricks not only through our blog but via videos on our YouTube channel (Fab Four Fashion) and Instagram. We will also be incorporating more lifestyle and beauty posts/videos, plus a few extra tricks we’ve got up our sleeves. Fab4Fashion

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You can check out Gail on the blog Fab Four Fashion here.

You can find her and the rest of her Fab Four Fashion blogger sisters on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Check back next Tuesday on the blog to see who we feature next in our 40+ Blogger Series.