Meet Plus Model Alexandra Blaire Johnson

Name: Alexandra Blaire Johnson

Hometown- Whitehouse Tyler, TX


Instagram – @alex.blaire

Photographer, Elliott & Erick

What have been your favorite modeling experiences so far?

My favorite experiences thus far would have to be the on-location shoots and the amazing friends that I’ve made. Every job is so great but when you get to make connections with people, that makes it even more worth while.

Photographer, Elliott & Erick

What is your personal fashion aesthetic?

My personal style is all about the basics; I love things that you can easily dress up and down. Any time you see me it’s in neutrals or black and white, but mostly black! I’m all about fashion but I definitely am not good at throwing crazy things together. To me comfort is key, which is why I live in comfy maxi dresses the majority of the time.

Photographer, Travis Curry

If you were not modeling, what field would you be working in?

I initially planned on going to school for marketing and advertising or to study marine biology. I’ve always had a love for animals so no matter where life takes me I always plan to always be involved with helping them in any way I can.

What do you like to do on your off time?

My free time usually consists of cooking, family and my dogs. Growing up in the restaurant business I grew to love the art of cooking and how it brings so many people together. Along with all of that food grows health awareness (diabetes runs in my family) and being smart about what I put into my body. Cooking let’s me experiment with all of my favorites finding healthier alternatives for both me and my family.

Has there been someone in your life that has influenced you, in fashion or otherwise?

My mom would have to be the one who has influenced me the most. Being from a small town who knows where I’d be today, but we moved to Dallas to pursue our dreams. She worked so hard and even though we were so poor growing up I never knew it. She showed me that no matter the circumstances I could make anything happen, and for that lesson alone I will never take this life for granted.

What is your advice to aspiring models?

My advice would be to keep your head up. I was denied multiple times and was even told by a New York agent that I wasn’t edgy enough and wouldn’t succeed. As much as that could’ve ruined me it only made me want to work harder to prove them wrong. This industry is so bittersweet; it can tear you to shreds one moment and inspire you to change the world with the next. Along with that I would also say to work hard and always treat everyone with respect, no matter what anyone’s position is, it is always a team effort to get through the day.

Photographer, Matt Sayles