This Retailer Proves Why ALL Brands Should Not Photoshop Images

Lane Bryant continues to quietly make a statement about photoshopped images.

Over the last year, the retailer has been using more natural imagery on its website and in its campaigns, that’s not photoshopped. The refreshing thing about it is that they’re not promoting it loudly. They’re just using the images alongside their other images, like it’s the normal thing to do (as it should be!).

When we first saw plus size model Tara Lynn with her belly showing in Lane Bryant’s campaign introducing their Intuition collection last July, we applauded them for taking that step in the body positive direction. We also hoped that this was not a one-time thing.

Lane Bryant proved it wasn’t. Tara continued to shine in her natural no-photoshopped state in their Valentine’s Day campaign this year, alongside visibly plus size model Precious Lee.

Then we noticed plus model Denise Bidot in their imagery, looking gorgeous with her stretch marks and cellulite, not photoshopped. This fits in perfectly with Bidot’s #TheresNoWrongWayToBeAWoman hashtag movement and platform. She has been a strong voice in the community to push the message that ALL women are beautiful, regardless of size, age, color and etc.

Lane Bryant even used a non-photoshopped image of Bidot in their swimwear ad in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swim Issue!

The recent images of Bidot on the retailer’s website have us swooning, not only over her, but Lane Bryant too!

This proves that you can be sexy, stretch marks, cellulite and all. There is truly no wrong way to be a woman.

If a mass plus size fashion retailer like Lane Bryant has taken this major step in showing bodies in their natural state, why aren’t other brands following suit? That’s what we’d like to know.

We still have a long way to go in showing more diversity in the fashion world, from not only a size perspective but a color one as well. However, kudos to Lane Bryant for leading the charge, which we hope inspires other brands to do that same.