These Size 22+ Women Prove That Style Isn’t Limited by Size

As someone who is a size 26/28 myself, I always look for diversity in the plus fashion world.

It not only gives me style inspiration but it also helps me shop because I am seeing women who look like me and can also see how that clothing looks on a body like mine.

Diversity is also important because it shows that style isn’t limited by size. Brands such as City Chic, Lane Bryant, Avenue, Universal Standard and fullbeauty offer women above a size 22 trendy, stylish clothing that inspires all of us to try new styles instead of making us feel forgotten and passed over.

By us still prevailing as fashionistas despite the shopping limitations for those of us above a size 22, we are showing those brands that we are just as worthy of fashion as our smaller plus size sisters.

Here’s 7 women who continually prove that fashion is indeed for everyone and not dictated by size:

#1: Hailey of the blog Discourse of a Divine Diva

We love her At Home Fitting Room posts where Hailey talks to fit in an honest, genuine way.


Size: 22/24 ~ Height: 5’9″

#2: Erica Watson – Actress, Comedienne & Contributor to Essence and Huffington Post

Erica is a powerhouse and looks fabulous as she juggles her comedy show tour, TV appearances and movie roles.



Size: 26/28 ~ Height: 5’5″

#3: Amanda of the blog Fashion, Love & Martinis

This latina blogger is known for her classic, girly style and beautiful smile.


Size: 24/26 ~ Height: 5’4″

#4: Corissa of the blog Fat Girl Flow

Also a fat activist and body positive advocate, Corissa is a force to be reckoned with within the plus size industry.


Size: 26 ~ Height: 5’8″

#5: Emily of the blog Authentically Emme

Emily’s perfectly curated blog and love for color, as well as chic styles, has us swooning.


Size: 24 / 26 ~ Height: 5’10”

#6: Malia Anderson – Celebrity Stylist/Shopper and Fashion Contributor for

As a tall apple-shaped woman, Malia has become a strong voice for plus women who have a hard time finding clothing that fits their body shape.


Size: 24 / 26 ~ Height: 6’0″

#7: Nanthale E. Collins of the blog N.E.C. Style

This Brooklyn-based blogger loves to mix prints, have fun with fashion and accessorize like no other.


Size: 24 / 26 ~ Height: 6’0″

Here’s some other size 22+ bloggers who prove that style isn’t limited by size:

Did we miss anyone? Who are your favorite size 22+ fashion bloggers or women in the industry? Follow us on social media @plusmodelmag and let us know.