This UK Plus Size Retailer’s Shopping Survey Results Inspired Their New #FashionThatFits Campaign

The struggle is real when it comes to plus size women finding fashion that actually fits their bodies.

So when we heard about Evans’ new #FashionThatFits campaign, we had to check out.

The UK plus size retailer recently carried out a survey of 2,000 British women to learn about their shopping habits. The survey especially focused on their experiences when looking for the perfect fit pair of jeans, the fitting room experience and sizing in stores.

One key result that stood out to us was that only 12% of women are the same size in every store.

Apparently, this made Evans pause as well, because their new campaign #FashionThatFits was created to show the struggle most women face when trying on clothes, regardless of their size.

The survey results show that UK women don’t like trying things on in changing rooms and that they still can’t find their perfect fitting pair of jeans. Here’s some key survey findings:

  • One in five British women still haven’t found their perfect pair of jeans.
  • The average British woman will purchase around two pairs of jeans each year, but throws away the same amount because they don’t fit.
  • One in five British women have got stuck in clothes they were trying on in-store.
  • More than one in ten have fallen over while trying clothes on in a changing room.
  • Nearly one in ten British women have to try on more than five pairs of jeans before they buy and 48% of these women being left frustrated by the fitting room drama.

Evans states that as a leading plus size retailer, they want to help.

Their Head of Design, Rebecca Vann Reicher, said in an official statement:

“Listening to our customers has always been at the heart of our brand ethos and understanding the struggles she faces when out shopping will only help us design better clothes that are all about fit.”

The retailer only states in their press release:

“The Evans design team carefully consider not only the fabrics but also the scale and placement of prints, pockets and details on every garment; taking into account all body shapes including pear, apple, busty and hourglass. Evans jeans also include a special safety feature to improve seam strength and maintain neat seam lines whilst using smart fabric technology to provide ultimate comfort and fit without losing shape.”

The brand have produced what they deem a “tongue-in-cheek” video that highlights the struggles women go through in the fitting room which can be viewed below:

According to Evans, the video demonstrates the reality many women face when trying on clothes – regardless of size and highlights that fashion should be inclusive:

“Ultimately, we all want to look our best and by listening to feedback from British women the focus for Evans is all about Fashion that fits.”

You can read more about the campaign here.

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