Interview with Yolanda L. of Canadian Curvies

Life took direction when this model decided to stop trying to fit in and start STANDING OUT!

For everyone there comes a time when we get to a fork in the road. We can either dim our light and succumb to our fears, or follow our journey into greatness. For Yolanda, this fork in the road came when she decided to live out loud and stand up for others who grew up feeling as she did.

Instagram: @yolieyolandaxo

Meet @yolieyolandaxo.

Yolanda L. is a plus size model, signed with @nextcanada, and a full time retail store manager who believes there is nothing she can’t do!

Here’s what she wanted to share with you, in her own words:

Growing up, I was always different, always the tallest, always the darkest and always the biggest. I tried my best to fit in, but when I realized I would never fit into a mold society had laid out for me, I decided to stand out.

I made the decision to co-found CanadianCurvies to help women realize you don’t have to fit any mold to be beautifully and unapologetically you. Beauty comes in different shapes, sizes and skin tones. Beauty is fearless!

#CanadianCurvies is all about standing out and being who you are, no matter your size and shape. Realizing beauty and confidence is within us all and radiating that message. I couldn’t have chosen a better group of ladies to be a part of and show the world who #canadiancurvies really are.

Why Canadian Curvies is so important to her:

“I was raised by a strong woman, who taught me it is always okay to be who I am. She taught me to keep being me, ‘different from the crowd and always so proud.’ To me, co-founding Canadian Curvies is an outlet to show all women that it is okay to be you. It’s okay to be unapologetically sexy, curvy, thin, or whatever it is that makes you who you are. It is a lesson that has forever been a part of me, and if nothing else, I want it to be a part of you, too.”

How confidence comes in all shapes, sizes and color:

“I believe that sexiness and confidence isn’t just for one body type. It shows through the way you carry yourself and the way that you project. No matter your shape, skin tone or gender, we all deserve to be confident and love ourselves for who we genuinely are.”

Why younger girls need to continue to see more diversity in the media:

“Growing up, diversity was never prevalent in the media the way it is today. I always believed I had to be a certain size, skin colour or shape to be accepted. Co-founding Canadian Curvies is my way of giving the younger generation someone to look up to. The greatest joy that I have received since starting this project, is hearing my nieces tell me I’m ‘#goals’.”

You can follow Yolanda on Instagram here and see more about the Canadian Curvies here.