Body Positive WOW Moment of the Week: Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel is BACK!

Lane Bryant sent a powerful message during the Emmys this week.

The plus size fashion retailer’s #ImNoAngel campaign is back and everyone is talking about it.

It not only aired during the Emmy Awards (yes!) but the models are shown happy and confident with lumps, rolls and stretch marks (double yes!) and includes actress Danielle Brooks in the commercial (triple yes!).

Brooks told Shape Magazine this week:

“I’m learning to love my love handles. For the longest time I hated them because I felt I couldn’t wear certain outfits, and because I definitely did not see women in magazines showing them. But as time went on and I started to see women embracing their ‘love handles’ in commercials for brands like Lane Bryant, I realized it’s normal and okay to own a pair myself.”

Besides acting, Brooks can add fashion muse and designer to that list. It’s no secret that Christian Siriano loves working with the actress, having used her as the face of his first collection with Lane Bryant in Spring 2016. And the actress recently announced on Instagram that she is partnering with Universal Standard on her first collection.

We think casting Brooks in this commercial was perfect.

Alongside supermodel Ashley Graham, model Candice Huffine who is defying stereotypes on what a runner should look like, and model Denise Bidot, who is starting a revolution on loving your stretch marks, Brooks is repping, not just for women who don’t have a flat belly but women who are overall struggling with loving their body fully.

Brooks said it best to Shape Magazine:

“This is my body, this is where it is today, and I’ve gotta roll with it. I’ve gotta love it. And that’s what I did.”

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