Candice Huffine Gets It Right on the Size Front with Her New Activewear Line

This plus supermodel is not only talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Her new (and first!) activewear line Day/Won launched on Tuesday, October 17th and the first thing Candice Huffine wanted to do with her new line is ensure that it would be available to many women, including those over a size 24.

She told Self Magazine in an interview:

“I cannot make something for women that’s not for all women.

Brands are making great strides but the [plus-size] collection is always a little bit different and it’s usually a much smaller range of options, the same way it is in the fashion industry.”

I can hear women everywhere rejoicing, including us!

She told Glamour:

“One consistency I have seen [in activewear] is inconsistency. I was settling for sizes that were not right for my body, and I know I am not alone in that feeling.”

As for the reason why the new line is called Day/Won, Huffine says during her Self interview:

“You know when you have a great day, aren’t you like, ‘I am a badass, this was a day won, I crushed that day?'”

Day/Won currently has 12 items available for sale on the official website, with prices ranging from $19 to $89. And ALL of the items are available in sizes 0-32!!!

Huffine has partnered with US-based manufacturer Ziel to create the pieces on an on-demand model, which means each piece is made to order. As Self Magazine points out:

“There’s no pre-buying or pre-stocking sizes for stores, which is often why retailers only stock up to a size 16 (if that).”

It’s obvious that Huffine gave this a lot of thought and is really passionate about offering activewear to a large range of women. We personally don’t want to say it’s totally size-inclusive as it does stop at a certain size, when there are women out there who wear sizes 34 and 36.

Despite this, Day/Won is definitely setting the bar high for those plus size retailers who offer activewear up to a size 24 or even up to a size 26/28.

Let’s hope this move from Huffine will have others following suit. Thanks for paving the way, Candice!

You can check out Day/Won here.