Elomi Launches The Elomi Portrait Project, Celebrating Fuller Figured Women & Their Stories

This brand wants to shift society’s perception of women beyond their outer appearance with their latest project, that was unveiled in New York City this week.

The brainchild of the plus size lingerie and swimwear brand Elomi, the Elomi Portrait Project is a thought-provoking experience merging art, fashion and data inspired from IBM Watson, featuring the beauty of plus size women in the forefront through their stories.

Nicolette Mason with artist Suma Jane Dark and the art she inspired for her. (PRNewsfoto/The Elomi Brand)

According to the official press release, Elomi partnered with five influential female artists – Zoe Buckman, Sam Cannon, Suma Jane Dark, Jordan Sondler, and Camila Rosa to create one-of-a-kind portraits that give viewers deeper insight into women’s unique stories and perspectives. Featured in the portraits are five pioneers in the body positivity space: Nicolette Mason, Chastity Valentine, Essie Golden, Chanté Burkett, and Kristine Thompson.

Laura Simon, CMO, Wacoal Europe said:

“For us the Elomi Portrait Project is the start of the journey. It’s about telling Elomi Stories in the most creative and engaging way. You will see as the months progress and into the new year there is more to come from the brand.”

IBM Watson was used to collect and analyze influencer online data including blog posts, news articles and interviews, analyzing text and spoken data to create an understanding of each woman’s prominent personality traits, intrinsic motivators, key values, and most commonly-expressed emotions.

New York – Thursday, October 26: The Elomi Portrait Project featured artist Sam Cannon unveils a video installation inspired by Chastity Valentine, founder of The Curvy Con. The Elomi Portrait Project integrates art, fashion and data to celebrate the substance, smarts and stories of fuller-figured women, pairing influential female artists with pioneers in body positivity. (PRNewsfoto/The Elomi Brand)

Each artist was then presented with a personal narrative about their assigned woman which integrated IBM Watson data analysis with high-touch human analysis to provide a more comprehensive view of the woman used to inspire their featured artwork.

Art installation by multi-media artist Zoë Buckman on display at The Elomi Portrait Project. (PRNewsfoto/The Elomi Brand)

The artwork from The Elomi Portrait Project was unveiled in New York on Thursday, October 26 with a media event at 393 NYC Pop Up Space.

The event included a bra-fitting experience with Elomi’s fit experts and a panel conversation, “The Transformers” hosted by OKREAL’s Uli Beutter Cohen, which profiled 3 influential women’s journeys to change the status quo to be more inclusive of fuller figures.

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