Get to Know PLUS Cover Model Devorah Story

Get to know our cover model Devorah Story…

She’s one of the newest beauties to be seen working for plus size brand Ashley Stewart. While her beauty is undeniable, it’s her personality and passion that people are drawn to the most. This month, we get you a little closer to one of our favorite models, Devorah Story.

Cover Model: Devorah Story


Social Media: 
Instagram @devorahstory, @mymodelstory_
Facebook: Devorah Story

Modeling for: 
3 years

Favorite Fall Fashion Trend:

My favorite fall fashion trend for any year would definitely have to be an off-the-shoulder top or sweater dress. Showing your shoulders gives just enough!

If I could live overseas for 1 year, I would choose:

I would travel to London. I’d hope to participate in their fashion week, take some beautiful pictures and have a glass of wine any time of the day.

Do you have a mentor?

MsNickee Mack of Diva Day International Modeling Agency acts as a mentor for me. I began my modeling career under her agency, focusing on runway training. She taught me how to walk on the runway, but also taught me how to walk into a room and own it with my presence before speaking any words. Not only has she invested in my modeling career, but she has invested in my well-being as a person and still does. She really helped shape me into the confident woman you see today.

What do you know about modeling now that you did not know as an aspiring model?

Something that I’ve learned about modeling that I did not know as an aspiring model is that modeling is a business. I have heard of the saying several times before I actually understood its true meaning. You have to approach modeling as an investment, just as a business owner would handle their investments. You will only get out of modeling what you put in.

Three tips for aspiring models.

1) Invest in your success.

2) Do your research. Research companies you want to work with; research agencies as well as successful models that are already in the industry.

3) You are the author of your model story. It will be what you make it!

Favorite Movie:

I don’t watch much television. However, as a child I didn’t have a choice because I was the youngest. Growing up, we loved watching “Thumbelina” and would sing each song as if we were part of the movie!

Currently on my music playlist:

Tasha Cobbs Leonard, Travis Greene and Jhene Aiko

Obsessed with:

I’m obsessed with the perfume, Alien by Thierry Mugler. I don’t think I’ll ever wear another perfume!

Something most people don’t know about me:

I work with kids who have Autism and other developmental disorders.


Photograhy @desbasphotography

Stylist @steffyfullstyle

Hair and makeup @redcarpetfaces

Wearing lingerie from @lanebryant