Adoration: Beauty Comes in All Sizes & These Images are Proof of That

One of the most awkward phases in my life was my childhood.

I’m sure many of you reading this just groaned when thinking about our childhoods. I know for sure that I did!

As I recall those years, I fail to remember anyone that represented me in any form of entertainment. There were a few good men, such as Heavy D, “The Overweight Lover” and later on, The Notorious B.I.G., who described himself as “black and ugly as ever” but still had this great confidence about himself. While these men took negative views of their outer appearance and put a positive spin on them, why did they have to do so? They were talented men, in their own right. Their looks shouldn’t have mattered but it did.

I realized over time that women of size went through similar issues. Men and women of size just didn’t have much positive representation.

There are high standards of beauty placed on men and women of size. It feels like beauty comes with too many requirements. It’s as if you have to be a certain height or a certain weight. You can’t be too tall, you can’t be too wide or you can’t be too heavy. And those requirements aren’t realistic.

We all have different body types. There should be representation for all body types aside from the usual stereotypes that shadow men and women of size. The stereotypes that we are clumsy, that we lack confidence or that we are placed in the friend zone.  In some of our favorite televisions shows, we are viewed as the comic relief or characters that need some sort of pity. I hated it. Unfortunately, many do not see men and women of size as attractive or even beautiful. Why is that?

In response to that, eight models and influencers partnered up for a photo shoot to help dispel those stereotypes and show that plus men and women are and can be viewed as attractive, competent, even sexy.

We aimed to show with this “Adoration” visual feature that men and women of size are beyond stereotypes and preconceived notions. As a whole, beauty standards need to change. And we will do our part to change them one step at a time. We are all different individuals, coming from many distinct backgrounds and not having the same body type. “Adoration” is about conveying that message. All bodies are beautiful and worthy of Adoration. What are your thoughts on this feature? I would like to know – let’s talk! Until next time, Kavah