Danielle Brooks Answers The Call From Plus Size Women with The Launch of Her First Fashion Collection

Danielle Brooks has always been very vocal on the limited fashion choices for plus size women.

She has now backed those words with a chic and effortless collection, via a partnership with contemporary plus size fashion brand Universal Standard.

The Tria Collection, as it is called, is simply the trifecta of elevated basics that plus size women have always asked for: the sweater dress, the shirt dress and a pair of overalls.

These pieces are so simplistic yet, it has been hard for brands across the board to create them where they fit well, are plus size body-friendly and made from high quality fabrics. Brooks’ collection with Universal Standard sets out to achieve those things and more.

And it seems she has hit the mark.

Many bloggers and influencers are raving about the pieces, especially the overalls, which have not been a style that many brands have wanted to tackle because it requires great detail and attention to the cut and fit.

She told Glamour:

“I remember looking in the men’s section for overalls because there were none that would properly fit me in the hips and waist in the women’s section.”

She went on to chat about how she carefully choose these three pieces, inspired by her own need and desire to have pieces in her closet that work well in many situations, are comfortable and fit well:

“When they told me [the concept], I had just gotten off of a plane. I was thinking, You know what could be cool? Having something that is transformable. I chose the off-the-shoulder dress, because I felt like this is something I was just comfortable wearing. So if I’m on a plane and I want to be casual, then I step [out of the airport] and there’s paparazzi in my face and I want to feel a little more glamorous, I can take this dress either direction.”

Brooks is so passionate about plus size fashion, not just for herself but for all plus size women. She sees the lack of options out there and speaks for all of us when she is vocal about us wanting more. She told Mic:

“We want more. Fashion is so tied into who we are as people, and our personalities. We want to be able to express ourselves, so the more options that we have, the easier it is for us to walk down the street with our head ups feeling like powerful women. Just give us more options.”

She is also not about that cheap fast-fashion life as she told Mic and we are right there with her on that:

“There’s like these one-hit wonder kind of clothes, where you buy this outfit for $25, $30 and then — this happened to me the other day — it freaking rips. That’s not what this is. These are quality pieces, timeless, classic pieces that, when you look back 20 years from now and you see a picture of yourself in Universal Standard, you’re gonna be like, ‘I’m glad I chose that outfit. I don’t look crazy.’”

With prices at $110 for the shirt dress, $120 for the overalls and $190 for the sweater dress (that’s made from wool and cashmere, and offered in a gorgeous wine shade), these three items are certainly not fast fashion but still budget-friendly enough in comparison to designers such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein. And you’re buying from an independent brand that designs for plus size bodies… so these are definitely investment-worthy pieces that you will be wearing for years to come. Bonus, all the pieces are available in up to size 26/28, which translates to a size XL at Universal Standard.

Thank you, Danielle, for answering our call. We appreciate you.

If you’re in the NYC area, you can check out the #USxDB collection in person! Universal Standard has a 5-Day Soho Pop Up from now until Sunday, November 19th at 107 Grand Street, from 11 – 7 PM. Try on all 3 pieces in the Tria collection and more!

Click here to shop the new Danielle Brooks x Universal Standard Tria Collection.