World’s First Body Positive Fitness Program Announced During Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Seattle based plus-size model Jesse Hattan announced the launch of the world’s first dedicated Body Positive fitness program, CurvyFit.

It was announced last night during the annual Victoria Secret fashion show which shows no representation of average or plus-sized women (average size of women in the US is now a size 16). In the past couple of years ratings of the show have been down 30% and Hattan believes it is due to the show not representing the average American woman.

In this culture that is obsessed with this very specific thin, size 0 body type that is unattainable for most women she believes more positive influences are needed.

“I want CurvyFit to be an inspirational place that revolutionizes the ways we think about movement and fitness, both physical and mental. There is so much stigma surrounding curvy or fat bodies in the fitness-related space and I want to prove them wrong.”

Jesse Hattan gained popularity as a plus-size model and Body Positive activist that promotes body confidence and a curvy fit lifestyle. As a model she has been featured in a number of campaigns for plus size apparel including Nordstrom, zulily and Fitcode.

Athletic brands are finally starting to recognize plus-size customers. Now that models like Ashley Graham have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated more representation is needed in the plus-size and body positive fitness arenas. Sales in the women’s plus size apparel market (including activewear) are up, last year in 2016 they rose 6 percent to $21.4 billion, double the rate of overall apparel sales.

More and more women are turning to social media (instagram in particular) for fitness inspiration.

For many it is frightening to be put out there in communities that have historically been very hostile to plus-size individuals. “It can be overwhelming for women that are getting started with fitness. Especially with all the pressure to view physical activity purely as a weight loss strategy, it’s no wonder the gym can feel like an unsafe space.” For Hattan and many others it is important that there is a safe place in the fitness community for plus-size women.

To find out more about the CurvyFit program, you can visit www.curvyfit.us or visit @curvyftus on Instagram.