5 Blogger Sisterhoods That Remind Us Why The Future is Female

Blogging has evolved from just being a platform to have your voice heard. It has now created a sense of community.

Proof of that is evident in the blogger sisterhoods we are seeing in the plus size blogging community. During a time where fat shaming is rampant, feeling that sisterhood support is so needed and it reminds us why it’s so important for women to support other women. Magical things happen when women empower and support one another.

“My tribe is full of supportive women! Some working in the same industry as myself and even with some of the same brands but we still support each other. We can all win, right?” ~ Rochelle Johnson @iambeauticurve

In honor of Women’s Month, we wanted to highlight five blogger sisterhoods that continue to inspire, support and #PressforProgress:

#1: Fab Four Fashion

Featuring bloggers: Judy @judy25saywhat, Gail @mizwoochic, Leslie @slimsilvah and Nancy @currentlyworking

Website/ // @fabfourfashion

These four Canadian women of color, based in Toronto, are the eptiome of blogger sisterhood, having launched their blog Fab Four Fashion in 2015 with the mission of creating a space representing tall, slim, curvy and plus size women who show that friendship holds no boundaries in fashion, beauty and body positivity.

We love the vibe of this sisterhood because they are all different but still show that solidarity, supporting each other’s efforts while coming together to collaborate on fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics.

#2: The Fluffy Girl Tribe

Featuring bloggers: Alicia @apyblog, Rachel Raé @thedeanoffashionandbeauty and Elle Dove @designer_elledove


Based in Atlanta, this new sisterhood on the block are doing amazing things in the plus size community and have made their presence known from the start. They not only talk fashion but also use their voices to address serious topics such as mental health, self care, self esteem, body discrimination and more. They hope to build a network of bloggers, influencers and designers who want to join together to provide resources, partner and collaborate, conduct brand building and basically become a collective of strong, plus size women supporting and empowering each other.

Their next event is a brand identity workshop titled “One Size Does Not Fit All” and has a powerhouse of a panel, including guest speaker Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista. Click here for more info. YES!

#3: The Instagram (IG) Wives

Featuring bloggers: Darlene @suitsheelscurves, Sandra @lapecosapreciosa and Jami @styleoversize


When Revelist got wind of these three bloggers based in Bronx, NY and how they shoot together weekly, changing clothing in their car and scouting locations together, ending their shoot days with brunch where they talk, eat and laugh, the media outlet reached out to them to feature them in one of their videos. And the IG Wives were born.

They’re all different body shapes and three different personalities, showing diversity in fashion and style while showcasing how their differences enhance their sisterhood. Basically, these girls have fun and we love watching them travel, hit up events and of course, do their weekly photo shoots.

Darlene recently became a first-time mommy and we can’t wait to see how Baby Micaela, who has her own IG channel @littlemissbaeworld, fits into the dynamic. We see a future sisterhood happening with the next generation of IG Wives.

#4: District Queens

Featuring bloggers: Joy @enjoycurves, Tiffany @policyandfashion, Yaya @yosoyyayar and Yasmine @darkerberrie

Instagram/Facebook@districtqueens //

Based in the DC/VA area, these queens are fierce, stylish, strong and so empowering. They not only collab on fashion and have some of the most stunning imagery we have seen on Instagram but they’re also creating opportunities and events in their area that are geared towards offering plus size women safe spaces to experience fashion, a sense of community and a body positive environment.

Their “The District Of Curves Plus Size Fashion & Body Positive Experience” kicks off on April 15th with a brunch and panel – tickets here. And they are also co-hosting a Curvy Belles all levels fitness event featuring the Pure Barre technique – tickets here. They’re truly succeeding in making DC a major city for plus size fashion and body acceptance.

#5: The Fat Brats

Featuring bloggers: Corissa @fatgirlflow, Margot @margotmeanie, Alysse @readytostare and Natalie @nataliemeansnice

When four bloggers from different locations and different aesthetics come together with one goal in mind, a movement is born. That one goal is to take the word FAT and show how it can be used in a positive way, showing empowerment and strength in loving your body at any size.

All of these powerhouses combined reach almost half a million followers on Instagram, with their own platforms such as @alternativecurves, which Margot is the founder of. They also inspire by sharing their own experiences in media (Natalie does features for Yahoo! Style), design (Alysse is a fashion designer with a custom accessories line), launching brands (Corissa just did a lingerie collection with Impish Lee) and modeling (Alysse recently walked during NYFW and Omaha Fashion Week).

These women show that fat can be fabulous and fearless.

We love how these sisterhoods are truly making a difference in the world and showing that the future is indeed female. YAY to the power of females!