Up Close and Personal with Influencer Nicole Simone

Influencer Nicole Simone of Curves On A Budget…

Photographer: Nola Mangum | IG @theecrenee

Describe yourself in 4 words?

Introvert, genuine, daydreamer, silly

You and I spent some time together in Portland and one of the feelings I walked away with was how good of a businesswoman you are. Can you describe your brand to us?

My brand is me. Fun, sexy, young, a little bit weird and still finding myself, while empowering women along the way with affordable and accessible fashion.

Photographer: Nola Mangum | IG @theecrenee

Can you offer insight into the business of branding?

For me it was hard at the beginning because you see all these established bloggers and you want to be just like them. Then I realized that my brand wasn’t the thing that made me like them, it was the thing(s) that made me different. That’s what you have to focus on and use it to create great content.

Photographer: Hilary Parks | IG @haphilary

Influencers are a very important in the fashion and beauty industry. What responsibility do you feel about being seen as a person with influence?

I think as an influencer we have several responsibilities, however our most important being to stay honest and authentic to our readers/fans — they’re the whole reason we can even call ourselves influencers.

Photographer: Nola Mangum | IG @theecrenee

The plus size industry and mainstream media has embraced size diversity. What do you feel still needs to happen in order for bodies of all shapes and sizes to be seen as “main stream”?

I think small steps have been made, but it’s because we keep pushing and making our voices heard and bodies seen. One-by-one brands are getting the hint. We need to keep persisting and making ourselves visible.

Photographer: Hilary Parks | IG @haphilary

What is your advice to anyone looking to bring his or her brand into the spotlight?

Please, please stay authentic. That mixed with consistency and there’s no telling how far you’ll go. Also don’t be afraid to collaborate with other people! Collaborations are always a great way to meet new people and expand brand reach.

Photographer: Nola Mangum | IG @theecrenee

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Oh man, these kinds of questions always give me anxiety – haha. Hmmmm, I’m hoping in 5 years I’m still blogging and I would love to have my own clothing brand. I have a lot of really fun and innovative ideas in my head that I would love to execute.

Photographer: Nola Mangum | IG @theecrenee
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