Interview with Sofia Vergara …Why She’s Obsessed with Her EBY Underwear

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As fans of the beautiful Sofia Vergara, we were tickled pink to be collaborating on this month’s May cover and EBY Giveaway!

You may know Sofia as a star of screen and television, including her role on the long-running, Modern Family, but there is more to this woman than meets the eye. We had the opportunity for a chat with her about her EBY seamless underwear brand and passion about her micro-financing Initiative… we think you will like what you hear…

With so many panty brands in the market, what makes EBY different?

Internally we say our seamless panties are the Rolls Royce of underwear.  When you hold them and see them in person, you see the quality.  Since we are direct-to-consumer, we are able to offer a premium product at a more affordable price.

We have seen some of your interviews and you have very strong views about wearing pretty panties that are comfortable. In your opinion, what are the top three things we should be looking for when shopping for panties?

I would say the top thing by far is comfort.  You wear panties every day so of course they need to be comfortable.  Second I would say is functionality.  They need to stay in place meaning they shouldn’t slide up and down or roll on the sides like a lot of seamless undies.  The flocking technology in our underwear is amazing because it prevents the sliding, rolling, etc.  The third most important thing I would say is they need to make you look good.  That is why I love seamless.  It sits flat on your body so it doesn’t create any muffin top and you really can’t see them underneath leggings and tight skirts or pants.

Can you tell us about the micro-financing segment of the brand and why you’re so passionate about it?

We give ten percent of our sales to micro finance organizations around the world to support women in starting their own businesses.  Micro finance is so powerful because a loan of as little as $70 can truly change a woman and a family’s life.  We have amazing videos we shot in Colombia, Nicaragua, and Haiti showing some of the women that have been impacted by micro finance.  The best part about micro finance is that it is a loan, so after the woman starts the business, she pays back the loan and that money can go to help another woman.  The money really keeps going and helps many women.

Let’s talk branding… when we saw your campaign we were OVERJOYED with the size diversity seen in the campaign. Can you talk a little about this?

We knew from the beginning we were creating a line of every day underwear for ALL women.  When it came time to do the first photo shoot, we just thought it was a natural thing for us and very real for our brand to use real women as the models.  We reached out to women on Instagram, told them what we were doing and about the brand, and that is how we found our models.  We have sizes XS to 4X, and we wanted one model for each size so women shopping online could really see every size on another woman.  I think if you are offering a product, you need to show it in action!

What have you learned about yourself through the process of nurturing a new brand?

This brand has been so fun to build because it really comes from a place of “let’s create a killer product that all women can use that supports other women through micro finance.”  I think the number one thing I have learned is how important it is to listen to women, your consumer, and see what they are missing in their life or what could improve something in their life.  The information you can get from other women is really powerful.

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