Wide Width Slide Sandals Up To a Size 13?!? Yes Please!

Slide sandals are effortless, comfy and now stylish.

Slides, as they are affectionately called, are a trend that will never go away because of their easy breezy vibe that works perfectly from poolside to traveling. This sandal is perfect when you’re on the go or just want to lay on the beach. There’s no straps to worry about and the styles we’re seeing have elevated slides to chic status.

However, for those of us with wide feet who are also looking for slides in sizes above a 10, finding that perfect pair can be a challenge.

Here’s 7 wide width slide sandals we found online that are comfy and stylish. Plus, they’re as low as $22.99 and available in up to size 13!

#1: Rose Gold Faux Leather Slip-On Sandal at Torrid

$29.92 ON SALE, Sizes 7W – 11W [SHOP]

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#2: Heavenly Soles Toe Post Sandals at Simply Be

$29.49, Available in sizes 6 – 11, E and EEE widths [SHOP]

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#3: Faux Pearl Slide Sandal at Lane Bryant

$32.99 ON SALE, Available in sizes 7W – 12W [SHOP]

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#4: Hope Thong Slide at Avenue

$27.99 ON SALE, Available in sizes 8W – 13W [SHOP]

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#5: Zuri Sandals by Comfortview® at fullbeauty

$29.99 – $34.99 ON SALE

Available in sizes 7 – 12, M/W/WW widths [SHOP]

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#6: Gold Stud Caged Sandal at Ashley Stewart

$25.87 ON SALE, Sizes 8W – 12W [SHOP]

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#7: A New Day™ Benetta Tassel Slide Sandals at Targe

$22.99, Sizes 5W – 12W [SHOP]

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