Your Confidence is Showing – Sponsored


What does confidence mean to you?

Avenue chose to highlight four inspirational women for the “Your Confidence is Showing” campaign… editor-in-chief Madeline Jones, choreographer Mia Michaels, comedian Erica Fate Watson, and singer Yoli Mayor. These women put their most confident foot forward. They’re done asking permission. Nothing and no one is getting in their way.

We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this display of confidence. Show us what you’ve got! Tag your IG photo with #yourconfidenceisshowing and share what confidence means to you!

Each of these four powerful women were chosen for her unique talents.

The Confidence Series, highlights the stories of these real women as an inspiration to all women. Just like these ladies, every woman has a story about her own life. The diversity of these women, and all they have accomplished, is a testament to their own confidence and the confidence that every woman has.

These four women show the world how they celebrate their own confidence every day – one of those ways being the clothes they choose to wear.

“When I know I look great, I feel great! That makes this series truly authentic.” -Maddy Jones

And yes, Avenue has been listening to feedback from customers, as well as the industry, and is showing women what they want to see!

“What Avenue is doing is revolutionary! As a size 28 woman, I am so excited to be part of this series. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a woman my size in a national campaign and I LOVE it. This is what people want.” – Erica Faye Watson.

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“Your Confidence is Showing” will be featured in ALL 269 locations. Or check out the campaign online at and on social media.

And there are more exciting #yourconfidenceisshowing events happening… Avenue will be a sponsor of The Curvy Con and later in the month Madeline, Mia, Erica and Yoli will each appear at their local Avenue Store to host an in-store fashion show on September 22nd!

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Tag your IG photo with #yourconfidenceisshowing and share what confidence means to you!