Victoria’s Secret is Out… Lingerie is for EveryBODY

‘Two weeks ago Victoria Secret stated they would never include plus size or transgender models in their show because it doesn’t fit their fantasy.

Not only that but they went as far to say Victoria’s Secret is not a brand for everybody, and It will continue to promote and cater to a very specific body type.

As a female my sensuality is my choice, and a very personal thing.

Lingerie is the epitome of products sold to women that champion that sensuality, while also being a necessary to our every day lives. We should be empowering women to feel sexy and beautiful for themselves first and foremost, not the ‘fantasy’ of the 70 year old white male CMO of Victoria Secret.

The Victoria Secret show represents one type of body type and that type is based on the preconceived male preference. Do we buy lingerie for our partners? Absolutely yes, there is nothing wrong with that but the point of this is to love yourself first and no one should be telling you that you are not worthy of that love.

In rejection to Victoria Secrets comments we brought together this beautiful group of plus size and transgender models to show that no one will dictate to us our sensuality, love and choice.

Body Positivity is about finding beauty in ALL people, treating others with respect and kindness. This is not us vs. them, this is all of us, everyone deserves to be an angel in their own way and we need to share that message with every man and women out there.’ -Briony Douglas @briony



Photographer/Creative Director
Briony Douglas @briony


Stef Sanjati @stef.sanjati 
Kenzie Breanna  @kenziebreanna
Dani Lombardi @_danilombardi_
Dane O’neil @danae_oneil
Julia Kay @sunndance
Jessica West @jessswest

Vanessa Baudner @lifeofvablo
Assistant, Natalie Camara @nataliecamara

Jenna La Rose @xo_littlej

All Wardrobe Supplied by Seductions

Supplied by Malabar

Shot at Sandbox Studios

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