Is The World Ready for the Highly Anticipated Curvy Girls Rock Debut Series?

We certainly think so!

Meet Shakesha Williams.

Born in New York City, Williams worked in music publicity and marketing, and established her own company, before deciding to become a filmmaker.

She wrote the award-winning short film My Story, which won Best Screenplay: Short at the Widescreen Film Festival. She also wrote, produced, and directed Curvy Girls Rock Digital Series, which follows plus size women living in New York City, juggling careers, love, and friendships. The series is set to debut in November 2018 and its launch is highly anticipated. She is also the CEO and Founder of Harlem Fusion Studios.  

Check out my interview with this amazing woman…

Get to Know Shakesha Williams

Born on August 30, 1974, in Harlem, New York, Williams was raised by her grandmother. She had a love of books, music, and most of all, writing. Living in Harlem in the early 80’s taught her that there was life outside of the impoverished and often violent backdrop of the city.

Williams had a love for the arts and was in acting troupes throughout her teenage years. In the 1990’s, known as the golden era of hip-hop, her love of music grew and she attended school to become an audio engineer. Soon after, she suffered neuro-sensory loss, which resulted in major hearing loss.

Down but never out, she refocused her attention on the public relations and marketing side of music. She worked with many independent artists, helping them grow their brands and fan-bases.

In 2013, Williams studied Digital Video and Film Production and wrote her first film, My Story. In 2016, the film went into production. Acting not only as the writer, she also served as executive producer. Her destiny was solidified. She loved filmmaking and the process of creating something that will last for decades to come. My Story went on to win Best Screenplay: Short at the Widescreen Film Festival and was the official selection at the Central Michigan Film Festival and the Cameroon International Film Festival.

Interview Takeaways with Shakesha Williams

  • Keep Creating – As a content creator, it’s important to create and complete your projects. Finishing the race is just as important as starting it.
  • The Universe Has Your Back – Having faith that everything will work out (no matter what) will keep you cool, calm, and collected in the best and the worst of times.
  • Say Yes – When people come into your life to give you support, say yes! Why do we feel like we have to do everything on our own?

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