Did You Know That Fashion to Figure Launched a Clothing Rental Service? Details Inside!

Fashion To Figure (FTF) is known for offering stylish and sexy styles at affordable prices.

The brand has now ventured into the clothing subscription services world, offering plus size women the option to try their clothing without the commitment of buying, and then having to return the items if they don’t fit.

This is especially major for women who don’t have access to a physical FTF store in their area, where they could try on pieces.

Say HELLO to FTF Closet!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • You can rent out 3 pieces at a time. You can get as many items as you want during a 1-month period.
  • The boxes are sent via USPS Priority Mail shipping both ways FREE. A pre-paid envelope is included in every box.
  • No need to wash your items. FTF will take care of that, free of charge. They also ensure every item is washed/cleaned prior to sending them to customers. Each garment is inspected 3 times and hand-packed so that it reaches you in great condition.
  • If you want to keep an item, you are offered the option to buy it at a discount. With FTF prices already fairly low, this is an amazing way to get pieces even cheaper.
  • Cost: the 3-garment plan costs $54.95 a month, plus taxes as applicable.

The new service, which is powered by CaaStle who also created the Gwynnie Bee model, is easy to navigate. You simply add pieces you want to try to your closet, priortize the ones you want to get first and wait for your box to arrive.

Nick Kaplan, Fashion to Figure co-founder and Brand President, said in an official statement:

“In a highly dynamic retail environment, we want to be there for our customer wherever and however she experiences our brand. FTF Closet is another exciting way for us to deliver access to on-trend fashion at a great value and convenience. We know our customer is evolving, wants constant newness, and we want to be there for her every step of the way.”

We wanted to see firsthand how the FTF Closet service worked.

So Editor-in-chief Maddy Jones and myself decided to take on a 3-month challenge to see how we could incorporate the FTF Closet service into our lives.

We’ve both used Gwynnie Bee before so we’ve both had some experience with using a subscription service.

For size-18 Maddy, she’s a business owner, wife and mom, whose schedule is pretty hectic.

She want to find out how FTF Closet would fit into her busy lifestyle and how the service would make looking for day and event outfits less time-consuming.

You can read more about Maddy’s first FTF Closet box and see her first 2 looks here.

For myself, FTF stops at size 24 and 3X, as well as being more of a junior plus fit, so I took on the challenge of making the FTF closet work for my size 26/28 body.

I focus more on fit and shop by my measurements and fabric instead of the size tag.  I know I am already limited on what styles I can wear (no jeans, unfortunately) but I am up for the challenge.

You can read more about my first FTF Closet box and see my first 2 looks here.

What do you think of Fashion to Figure launching a clothing rental service? Will you be signing up?

Also, be sure to follow Maddy on social media @plusjones and myself @fearlesslyjustme to see how we make the FTF closet work for our lives the next three months.

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