Lane Bryant Flex Magic Waistband

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Review of the Lane Bryant Flex Magic Waistband

I want to be 100% transparent when I say this… I’ve had a love/hate relationship with jeans for most of my life. The jeans I actually like have been few and far between because my biggest issue is the waist.

Any time I’ve posted about this SO MANY of you have expressed your disappointment in finding jeans that were not super tight around the waist, did not roll down or did not leave you with a huge gaping hole in the rear.

When Lane Bryant told me about the Flex Magic Waistband I’ll admit I was a little anxious about trying them on because I was hopeful but did not want to be disappointed.

I put the jeans to the test… wore them to drop Madison off at school in the morning, had a lunch meeting, and went food shopping after school and then took the hour-long ride home. And guess what? The waist was not gaping, it was not folding and it was not sagging around my waist.

So this is my true take on the Lane Bryant Flex Magic Waistband… It’s MAGIC!!!!