Political T-shirts and Apparel Gives Plus People a Voice

Political T-shirts and Apparel… Two Plus Size Women Unite to Launch First-Ever Plus Size Election Clothing Line up to Size 6X.

Have you ever wanted a political T-shirt to show your support but could never find your size?

That’s exactly why Rebecca Alexander created Plus Size For, a first-of-its-kind politically-themed clothing company offering apparel in sizes from XS to 6XL.

The company, which launched on November 1st, offers political T-shirts and apparel designs promoting six of the remaining 2020 Democratic primary candidates, The Squad, and a nonpartisan design promoting universal healthcare. 

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Alexander, who is also the founder and creator of the plus-size review app AllGo, knows all too well of the struggle that plus-size people experience living in a not so size-friendly world.

From narrow seating on airplanes and theaters to small dressing rooms and the lack of clothing above a size 3X, Alexander decided to bring more awareness about plus-size friendly places, while pushing for change when it comes to how people of size are treated.

Think Yelp for plus size people. AllGo provides accessibility information so others can know what those places are like for people of size.

AllGo - The Plus Size Yelp

Alexander didn’t want to just stop with AllGo. She saw there was a void in the political T-shirts / politically-themed apparel space so she wanted to change that.

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Having her own experiences of not finding items in her size, Alexander saw the importance of making political T-shirts and apparel accessible to those who are above a size 2X. She said in an official statement:

“I follow politics closely and as a result, I get served lots of ads for political merch. But the designs I like are never available in my size. This summer, I really wanted to wear a pro-Elizabeth Warren shirt to a couple of debate watch parties, but I simply couldn’t find one I liked in my size. Not on Senator Warren’s site, not on Etsy, not anywhere.”

According to Alexanderthe largest t-shirt size any of the 2020 candidates offer on their campaign stores is 3XL, with most “women’s cuts” (the kinds of cuts Alexander prefers) stopping at 2XL, or roughly a size 18/20–which according to the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education is the average size of the American woman.

So Plus Size For was born, with the premise that everyone deserves the right to participate fully in our democracy by making it possible for plus size people to show support for their favorite candidates and cause via political T-shirts and apparel in their size.

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While focusing on politically-themed merchandise for plus size people, Plus Size For will also give back in the process.

The company will donate 10% of its profits to Fair Fight, an organization dedicated to combating voter suppression efforts in Georgia and the rest of the United States.

Jamie Carle, co-founder and CCO of Plus Size For, explained why they wanted to support Fair Fight:

“When Rebecca shared the idea for Plus Size For with me, I knew I had to get involved. The results of the 2016 election really disturbed me. I knew I wanted to get more involved this time around. Helping plus size people express themselves politically and raising money for Fair Fight was a great way to do that.”

Talk about empowering! 

These two plus size women have launched a company to not only make hard-to-find niche apparel, like political T-shirts, accessible up to a size 6X but also give back to an organization created by another woman who advocates for election reform at all levels, including targeted voter registration and other voter outreach programs. 

And in the true spirit of democracy, Plus Size For plans to release additional designs as the 2020 election gets closer, AND they accept suggestions via their website. 

Now you can make your voice be heard AND wear your support in your size! 

Kudos to Alexander and Carle for creating Plus Size For and for Alexander’s hard work on launching AllGo. We love how both ventures encourage public feedback and involvement to truly serve the plus-size customer.

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You can shop Plus Size For for political T-shirts at  You can download the AllGo app at It’s available via the Apple Store and Google Play.

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Images: Michael Poley for Plus Size For and AllGo