Dee Moore #GivingTuesday... Fighting Against Body Shaming

Dee Moore #GivingTuesday… Fighting Against Body Shaming

Dee Moore #GivingTuesday: How This Plus-Size Entrepreneur is Using Her Brand to Fight Against Body Shaming

Dee Moore is using #GivingTuesday to bring more awareness to an issue that is so prevalent today… body shaming.

#GivingTuesday, happening worldwide today (12/3), is a global movement focusing on the generosity movement, where people and organizations “give back” and transform their communities and the world in the process.

Moore, owner of the Fashionable and Thick organization (FAT), is joining the movement to help put an end to fat-shaming and bullying. 

What started out as an empowering t-shirt business has since evolved into a 501C3 non-profit organization, once the Houston-based business owner saw for herself how being shamed for your size can be damaging to one’s self-esteem.

Dee Moore Fat Giving Tuesday - Fashionable and Thick Foundation

Photo, Fashionable and Thick Foundation

The inspiration for her brand came from her own experiences of being in an abusive relationship where her weight was the main focus. Her own personal ordeal of being body shamed and ridiculed while in an intimate relationship is what empowered her to take the word FAT and turn it into a positive. It was her way of taking her power back and empowering other women to do the same.

Photo, Fashionable and Thick Foundation

As stated on her website, Moore’s mission is “to empower and inspire plus-size and big and tall individuals to be their best selves through addressing how to overcome body obstacles and developing strong, body-positive advocacy for all”.

Photo, Fashionable and Thick Foundation

This has now expanded into also reaching out to young children in her efforts, as developing self-esteem early on can help them as they grow into adults. 

Moore told us:

“My vision is to rid the world of the negative connotations associated with being plus size and/or FAT. When I started my brand, it was a way to create t-shirts that can make a statement to the world and be a form of a clap back to those who would judge people who didn’t fit a certain body ideal. But then I felt that wasn’t enough. I had to do more. I yearned to create a platform that would include teens and both men and women of size in my efforts. I envisioned creating an organization that would include self-esteem boot camps, classes focused on the effects of fat-shaming, and forums that spoke to living a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically at any size.”

Dee Moore seeks to educate society in the process by showing that all people should be represented because inclusion is important. 

Stop Body Shaming - PCW Image for FFF Week

Photo, PCW Images for FFF Week

Her annual fashion show Glamour, Glitz & Curves is another way Moore inspires those marginalized to feel confident and know their beauty. She has received so much positive feedback for her show, even receiving a heartfelt letter one year from an attendee who expressed how confident she was made to feel after the show.

Moore shared:

“She expressed how awesome the runway looks were and encouraged me to keep doing what I was doing because I was an inspiration.”

It’s feedback such as that which led Moore to evolve her brand into a non-profit organization.

Dee Moore also calls herself a walking billboard for her FAT brand:

“The majority of the time, I’m always wearing a tee or sweatshirt from my brand, paired with jeans, a skirt, or over a dress. This is my way of using fashion to start a conversation about the word FAT. Almost always, someone asks me about the meaning behind what I’m wearing and what inspired me to create these pieces. This conversation gives me the opportunity to talk about the brand in detail and also about the negativity associated with being plus size or big and tall.  

Size inclusion is a must. We come in all sizes and shapes and it’s time that society looked at beauty ideals differently. Beauty is not limited by size.”

#GivingTuesday offers Moore yet another opportunity to not only further her mission but also educate others in the process. 

“With mental health, bullying and suicide rates steadily climbing, society has to be educated on how fat shaming contributes to these issues. To know is to be aware and #GivingTuesday is a great day to bring forth more awareness.

This global day of giving will also offer new non-profit organizations, such as mine, the opportunity to raise funding for programs that we would like to implement to help combat these issues.

Grant opportunities are not easy to obtain or aren’t as easily accessible to new foundations such as mine. I also decided to join #GivingTuesday because it’s a great way to share my platform and mission with the hopes of inspiring others to join this movement.”

Dee Moore plans to have her program curriculum fully operational in Spring 2020 and continues to push her Fashionable and Thick brand to those of us who want to slay the streets while making a statement. 

With tees that say “Fat Girl Swag” and “Your Body is Not Wrong, Society is”, how could you not want to rock one of these at your next family dinner or while out with friends?

Representation does matter and kudos to Moore for using her business to further this important message while giving back to her community. 

You can check out Dee Moore’s #GivingTuesday campaign here. You can learn more about her organization and shop at

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