Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram-20feb2020

Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

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Looking for style inspiration?

Instagram is a great way to see people of all sizes showcasing their individual style. Whether your style focuses on current trends or vintage fashion, you’re sure to look at fashion differently and be inspired by what you see on Instagram.

We all have our style crushes and as an ode to those special people, here’s some of ours that we are spotlighting this week…


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I’m not “rockin’ my curves” on the beach, I’m just standing on the beach. Quite fiercely I may add. 💃🏻 We all grow at a different pace. 4 yrs ago I had never seen plus size women in bikinis saying how much they love their bodies, their rolls, putting glitter on their stretch marks. ✨ But recently I’ve had a frustration with some of the content I’ve been seeing. It feels cookie-cutter to me. I even found myself bored with posts that I used to crave. It seemed like EVERY other post was talking about loving yourself, your BODY, and knowing your worth. 👊🏽 So I had to ask myself what’s changed? I used to love these posts! What’s different? Me. I’m different. 🤷🏻‍♀️ When I started my plus journey on social media about 4 yrs ago, I needed this content. But over time I’ve outgrown it, and that’s okay. 🙏🏽 In the beginning you bet your ass I was scared to go out in a bathing suit, but I’ve learned I was beholden to society’s judgments on my body, and I allowed myself to be held back. But I’ve conquered that. I’m unlearning old ways of thinking. I don’t want to be called brave for doing something just because I’m plus size. 👏🏽 I understand there are plenty of people just beginning their body journeys, their period of understanding they are worthy & beautiful as they are. Do I proudly support the plus size movement + everyone's journey to body acceptance, and feel you and your body are worthy of love at any size? Absolutely. But I now challenge myself to go deeper. 🌞 Unlearning the most basic terms we’ve been conditioned to use that are in fact, fatphobic. And calling out fat shaming, because it’s everywhere. 🚨 This is definitely not putting down creators making this content, or their followers. Many are empowered & inspired by this messaging. But also know your needs on IG are allowed to evolve – and I encourage you to follow people who are offering you something new. 🚩 Consider more diversity in your plus size representation. Some favs who’ve changed my feed and given me fresh perspectives on not only the plus experience but also life on their feeds everyday, down below 👇🏽 @lydiahudgens , @lvernon2000 @miaomalley , @theheartadvocate , @plusjones

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