Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

Our Latest Style Crushes of the Week on Instagram

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Looking for style inspiration?

Instagram is a great way to see people of all sizes showcasing their individual style. Whether your style focuses on current trends or vintage fashion, you’re sure to look at fashion differently and be inspired by what you see on Instagram.

We all have our style crushes and as an ode to those special people, here’s some of ours that we are spotlighting this week…






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✨Happy Tuesday✨ 💛How is everyone doing? How is your mental health right now with everything going on, along with a lot of fat talk? I’ve just been keeping positive! ✨It’s okay if you gain weight during quarantine, a lot of us aren’t working and just spending quality time with family playing games, building puzzles, and most of the time with that comes snacking and that’s okay. ✨Things will eventually get back normal and you’ll be back to work, do you want to look back on your quarantine time and think about a diet you put yourself on or forcing yourself to exercise a set time everyday or do want to look at it as an opportunity to just simply spend quality time with your family that you don’t always get because everyone is always busy with something. But it’s also okay if you want to put yourself on a diet and set aside time for exercise, whichever you are doing make sure it’s good for your ✨MIND✨and not just cause social media says so!☺️ #ellos #ellosusa #loveellos #jessicalondonstyle #imwithjessica #quarantinetalk

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