See Who We're Crushing on This Model Monday

See Who We’re Crushing on This Model Monday…

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Model Monday… Here Are the Plus Size Models We Are Crushing On!

The plus-size modeling industry is an ever-changing landscape and we are so excited to see veteran models continuing to grace us with their beauty, alongside some newcomers.


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Check out our PLUS Size Model Crushes Of The Week:


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my fiancé & I were casually/frustratingly chatting in the mall the other day as we were scrambling to go to a store & try on something for a client. he says “you know, I can’t imagine doing what you do. Your job is such a headache and so stressful.” And that marinated with me. I replied back after 10 minutes of silence. Then we passed a huge ad of straight size models, & I said something along the lines of “Do you think they have it any easier? Do you think their opportunities are different than mine?” He replied “Of course” and it’s just been sitting with me ever since. He is right. And that’s him looking in from the outside. He sees my stress, my headache to be this and do that, he sees the heartbreak when something doesn’t confirm. Why does this industry have to be so hard? Where are the endless opportunities for us on the other end of the size spectrum? Why does our opportunities (not all) come with headaches and stress? Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my clients & what I do and stand for while doing it. But..it just makes me wonder in my head what could be different and how we, in this industry, can make a difference. How harsh will our community standards in this industry be in 5-10 years? Will it be easier? I have no idea. It’s not all glamour, smiles, and poses 24/7/365. There’s heartbreak, headaches, and stress that I’m willing to take on to spread inclusivity/diversity until my work here is done.

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