Ageless Style with Angellika Morton

Ageless Style with Angellika Morton

Ageless Style with Angellika Morton…

PLUS Model Magazine - November 2020

The plus-size industry has grown by leaps and bounds. And while we are celebrating the incredible growth, we also have to acknowledge the journey we have been on. Our cover model Angellika is a pioneer in our industry and one of the models who helped pave the way for many of today’s top models.

Angellika is a successful stylist and has been a featured model for campaigns in the last few years. Could a comeback be in the works? We sure hope so….

Ageless Style

You are one of the plus-size modeling industries pioneers with an impressive body of work and an unmatched reputation. What are your fondest memories from your days as a model?

My Fondest Memory Is When I Arrived On Set Of The Charming Shoppes Shoot And The Cast Of Models Of Color Michelle Trotter, Randi Graves,Wynnetka and myself.

Models Of Color

We were all in shock and we took this photo to document this shoot that rarely happens in the fashion industry, a memory I will never forget. Especially during this time of division, economy and the pandemic.

Although a lot has changed, what are the key tips for any aspiring model?

They must standout from the crowd, have a great personality, show up and show out on time, dress to impress, great hygiene (manicure, pedicure and nude bra & thong) and check your ego/attitude at the door.

Ageless Style

Let’s talk about pivoting… with COVID 19 and where we are as a nation, companies, as well as many of us, have had to pivot to figure out our next steps. How did you decide to work as a stylist? And for those that do not know what this is… what is a stylist?

COVID-19 has been a reset for me, not to work so hard but work smart. I realize I was taking bookings with clients that were negative energy and now I work with clients that pay me what I’m worth and appreciate the work that do.

I love fashion and I would show up at my castings and bookings dressed. Many stylist that styled me on bookings would always compliment and one Queen Latifah stylist, Timothy Snell, asked if I would like to assist him when he comes to NYC and I jumped at the opportunity, as I did with other fashion stylists to learn the details, which are very important and not to mention to nurture relationships. My first client was celebrity DaVine Joy Randolph… after that my career started.

Ageless Style

Times are different but I and my team wear masks, shields, do temperature checks and only I can be on the set and assistant. I stay in the designated area according to the shoot requirements.

What is a Fashion Stylist? Well, I meet with the client or public relations representative on the event and what and how he/she wants for the red carpet or photoshoot. It’s hard work, making calls and emailing showrooms, designers, fashion public relations offices, jewelers, and stores, which usually takes a week to pull the wardrobe. Then there is the fitting with the seamstress on standby and with celebrities and manager to approve of the look and make returns.

Ageless Style

For models just starting out in the industry, how important is it to have a stylist and a team that will help build your portfolio?

My suggestion for newcomers is to flip through fashion magazines (Vogue, Elle or Glamour) and pull some inspiration from tear sheets to create their own style/look. Of course that can be helped with a Photographer for testing, which can cost $250.00 to $500.00 and includes hair/makeup and wardrobe. But also stay true to yourself and what you are comfortable with.

Ageless Style

You have always had incredible style, and while society would have us believe fashion is not for a mature customer, the truth is the opposite. Can you talk to us about how you see fashion and how your fashion aesthetic has evolved?

Fortunately for me my Grandmother and Mother were my muses… they were fabulous without any effort. Their house dress was a silk slip with beaded cashmere cardigan sweater with a Mikimoto pearl necklace and earrings (that I have till this day) and fancy house slippers.

I was always surrounded with fashion in my family; I see fashion always repeating itself but with a twist, which might be in bright colors or texture.

My closet is always ready for showcasing looks from old to recent pieces. I always add to my already fabulous wardrobe, whether a coat, blouse, skirt or shoes.

Ageless Style

Ageless Style is something that I’m passionate about. I want to encourage everyone to embrace the journey and not become invisible in their own skin. How would you describe your Ageless Style?

My Ageless Style is 51 and Timeless.

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Angellika was photographed with her godsons
Gabriel 8 years old and Samuel 12 years old

Christopher Michael
IG @therealcmichael

Christopher Michael