5 Tips For Aspiring Models You NEED To Know!

Here are tips for aspiring models you NEED to know!

Aspiring models, it is time for you to listen up! Here are 5 (very practical) tips you need to know. Trust me… while they may be short tips, they go a long way in making or breaking your career.

What Do Models Wear To Castings?

No prom dresses, please! Come in jeans, tank and blazer or leggings and a cute top. You can wear a dress provided it’s something that shows your personality and figure. Don’t overdo it on the makeup… FRESH FACE is key. Fresh face does not mean wash your face and walk out the door. It means minimal makeup. Make sure your undergarments match and you are wearing a properly fitting bra; invest in a good bra, this will help with posture and how clothing looks on you.


If you are not confident, the client will see it from the moment you walk through the door. Walk in and look at the people in the room in the eyes. Shake hands with purpose and speak confidently when spoken to. If you look shy, withdrawn, sad or not confident the client will not have confidence in you!

Personal Hygiene

If you stink, you will be known as the model who stunk up the room at the casting. Ladies, if you have been running around all day and have a casting or appointment make sure you give yourself enough time to wash up in those areas where women sweat the most. Carry a travel hygiene bag with you (wipes, deodorant, sprays, toothbrush, mints). Don’t forget, this includes your feet and teeth. Your teeth should be white and in good health, and make sure you are trimming nose hairs as well.

Say Cheese!

You may be asked to pose for pictures or speak on camera. Be prepared and know how to pose for a casting. Most likely they simply want to see you can move. Research the client, if the models on the website are mostly smiling make sure you have your smile ready! Don’t give them edgy if they sell clothing for the girl next door. From the moment a potential client sees you, you should be smiling.

Don’t Be The Mean Girl…

Never complain about other models, clients, photographers, or better yet, just keep it positive altogether. If you are asked about a client, you LOVE them… if you are asked about another model, guess what? You love her too! Many models have been caught up thinking they are creating chemistry with a potential client by dishing on someone else only to find themselves out of a booking. You are a model and your job is to sell the clothing you wear, not to have a Dr. Phil session with anyone or dish about people in the industry. It can come back to haunt you….

I hope you have learned something from these 5 tips for aspiring models… now go out and be fabulous!

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PMM Archives: November 2015

Photo by Rafael Clemente
Hair and makeup by Christian Sanchez
Wardrobe Styling Meaghan O’Connor
Produced by Madeline Jones
Model: Samantha Lebbie

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