New Year... Fabulous You

New Year… Fabulous You! – Sponsored


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PLUS Model Magazine - January 2021

New Year… Fabulous You!

Welcome to 2021! Like most of you, I’m excited to leave the challenges of last year and happy to be looking towards a brighter future.

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PLUS Model Magazine - January 2021 Editorial

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Instead of creating a list of  “New Year’s Resolutions” I set goals for myself that are important and will bring me joy and fulfillment.

A fresh start for me is about adding positive things to my life and figuring out how to amplify what I’m already doing. And while I have the best of intentions I’m also keeping in mind that if my goals are not one hundred percent completely met by years end, it’s also okay.

The joy is in the journey and it’s not a race to the finish line.

I also know this is the time of year we will be bombarded with tons of weightloss ads and promises for a better life if you LOSE WEIGHT. (Rolling my eyes)

For many people, these ads are a trigger that will bring thoughts of self-doubt and insecurities. I wish I could magically wave a wand and protect those that are affected, but what I can do is continue to promote a safe place where we are ALL celebrated, validated, and heard. This is and has always been my aim for PLUS Model Magazine.

PLUS Model Magazine’s fresh start begins today, we are amplifying what we have always done, and are committed to pushing the envelope even more.

This year I turned 48 years old, and if you follow me on social media (@plusjones on Instagram) then you know that I live a very full life despite a multiple sclerosis diagnosis and having a daughter on the Autism spectrum. Don’t get me wrong, I get tired and have bad days just like everyone else but my power is in believing in myself and having the confidence to get back up when life throws you those curveballs.

PLUS Model Magazine - January 2021 Editorial

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This is why I’m so proud to be partnering with Athleta #PowerofShe this month.

Athleta offers activewear in sizes XXS to 3X. Each piece is designed by active women of all shapes because they believe one size DOES NOT fit all. This messaging spoke to me personally because I believe we all have the power to be our best selves. And while society will bombard us with ads telling us what we have to do to be better, this brand is celebrating us RIGHT NOW, as we are.

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XOXO Maddy