Hello, Motherhood!

Hello, Motherhood!

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Does it seem like there are a lot of pregnancy announcements being shared?

As reported by JPS Health Network, they are “experiencing something of a quarantine baby boom, seeing as many as three times the number of babies born in a shift as are expected on an average day.” 

“One day last week we had 15 babies born in 10 hours,” said Jessica Weathers, RN, Clinical Manager of Labor & Delivery. “It was a crazy day for sure. Usually we see five – or maybe six – babies in the shift. We think we’re going to see a lot more crazy days over the next two or three months. It’s a little bit of joy and beauty in a world that’s been pretty tough for a while.” (JPS Health Network)

Isn’t this exciting news? Guess what? I am one of those pregnant women in 2021! My husband and I are excited to meet our baby in June. Now that my life is already different, I can only imagine how different my life will be in the upcoming months. 


Like anything else in my life, I have created an action plan for tackling motherhood. What does it entail? Let’s discuss… 

#1 – Nutritional Support 


Every pregnancy is different. Currently I am focus on consuming the nutritional needs for my baby while treating my hypothyroidism. So far, I am 19 weeks pregnant and I am very blessed to share that everything is going well so far. It is important to work with medical professionals to ensure your health and the baby’s health is well taken care of throughout your pregnancy. 

#2 – Define Your Support System 


The people around you ALWAYS matter. I am very thankful and blessed to have a couple people in my life that love and support me. Whether your support system consists of 1 person or 10 people, it is important to clearly define your support system. As you go through this major life change, you need to be certain about the people in your corner during the process.   

#3 – Emotional Wellness  


During this pregnancy, I have realized that I am not in control of my body or emotions at times. As a person who LOVES being in control, this has been quite an adjustment. But there are so many life lessons being learned during this wild journey. What I do control is ensuring that I invest time and energy in supporting my emotional wellness. For me, that looks like journaling, coloring, writing poetry, and doing crossword puzzles. If you are pregnant, what are you doing to maintain your emotional wellbeing? 

#4 – Eliminate Negative People or Circumstances 


When you are pregnant, you have to focus on the incredible job of creating life. Who has time to deal with negative people or circumstances? Bye Phylicia!    

#5 – Release from Expectations    


I couldn’t have predicted any part of my pregnancy at this point. Spending time focusing on how something “should” go will get in the way of you being present to deal with your actual reality. As a huge fan of the law of attraction, I support spending time manifesting your intentions. However, when you release from expectations, you will find that you enjoy this journey that much more.  

#6 – Enjoy the Process 


I thought I knew what love felt like. Now that I am pregnant, I feel like I am experiencing a whole new kind of love that is completely new to me. I am totally in love with this life inside me and I am so thrilled to discover who this person will become. Every day I am both thrilled and intrigued to discover what kind of day me and the baby will experience! If you want to learn more about my pregnancy, you can follow the conversation on the WokeNFree podcast and the WokeNFree TikTok channel. 

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