What's Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the April Tarotscope!

What’s Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the April Tarotscope!

April Tarotscope…

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot by Selena Joy Lovett and Daniela Manutius-Forster was created to help you bring forth the life you want. The cards are designed to help you deal with issues and blocks so that you can manifest your future (available here). In this spread, the creators have provided a Tarotscope for April…

Let’s have a look at the energies coming up for the month ahead in the April Tarotscope…

What's Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the April Tarotscope!

GeneralThe Star

This month is all about letting go of the old and opening the gateway to the new positive energy to flow in and fill up your life. 

There is an abundance of hope, healing and love coming into your life however, it is important to let go of the harshness of recent experiences so they do not tarnish your views and energy.  What’s done is done!! Once an experience is over, be it positive or negative it is important to take the lessons and move forward – if it has been a negative experience then it can be used to help us shape the future that we want and if it is positive we harness that energy to bring more of the same in, amplified and appreciated! 

So as we approach the month of April – start the month with a new ‘page´ – write down your hopes and dreams and focus your thoughts on them, as given the right attention these are the seeds of thought and experience that will grow.  Trust in the magic of the universe and that all you have experienced of late is being used to enhance your spiritual awareness and allow you to use this to help others as you shine your light for those to follow.   

Abundance, healing and hope are your keywords for April.


Bring into your daily routine mindfulness and gratitude.

You may have found that you have been feeling low or bored as though life has lost its glitter and become a little mundane, but this month is all about recapturing that feeling of awe and positivity in your work. 

The Hierophant speaks of the spiritual glory that we can find in everyday tasks which brings magic into them.  So I believe that this month using mindfulness – being totally focussed on the job at hand, focusing on your intentions will make incredible things start to happen. 

Find the Zen in your daily work and you will find peace in your heart and mind and once the worries have gone there is only room for the positive to grow and business will bloom.  Opportunities are around in abundance as this new energy starts to whirl around. 

Work wise it may be a time where you will benefit from the help of others. Reach out and ask other like-minded people to give you the leg up that you need, sometimes we just can’t do it all alone and we can learn from others. Don’t be too secretive about what you are doing as letting others in will bring a new perspective to the ideas you have that will help get them off the ground and out there for the world to see.  

Check out new ways of doing things – you may need to seek new advice as technology is changing daily so keep updated. 

Make sure you have a disciplined routine that you can follow: this includes not giving up on your projects, as with the right organization success is to be had. 

Listen to the advice of others and slow down enough to hear your own intuition and spiritual guidance that will help bring clarity to any stagnant energy regarding work and career.

Relationships/Love The Fool

It’s time to see things from a new point of view.  Going over the same old stories, arguments or differences just isn’t working right now, so it’s time to bring some fresh energy into your life and relationships. 

A spring clean!!! Shake the rug, throw out the rubbish and reorganize your priorities.  Bring some surprise and spring back into your step.  This can mean letting go of the old habits and really finding out what you want and need in your life. Usually, your relationship is a reflection of yourself so if it is feeling old and tired then it’s time to change some things/attitude in your life – even change the rules of the game and spice it up a little. 

Bring adventure into your existing relationship or set out on an adventure to pick out and concur with the relationships of your dreams.  The fool is about new beginnings and not being fearful of change – taking new steps and asking instead of worrying about what could go wrong – Imagining – what if it all goes well?!!!

Spiritual Nine of Pentacles 

Harmony is the feeling for you this month – bringing balance into your life – the inner and outer, spiritual and physical. 

There is a need to spend just as much attention to your spiritual needs this month as you do to your psychical. Sometimes it’s all just about feeding the machine and we feel that it’s enough only to look after our body’s needs but now we need to take some spiritual care.

Nurture your mind, body and soul by treating yourself to some special things this month whether it’s treating yourself to some new clothes, a massage or energy treatment, books, new habits, or whatever makes you feel good and then spending some time with meditation to keep your mind clear. If meditation really isn’t for you then spend some time alone in nature, in silence connecting with mother earth – breathing in life. 

Whenever there’s a need to reset and pause your mind, try some frequency music or if not put some good sounds on to blast away any stagnate energy.

Enjoy yourself! Make this month about you, feeding your soul, and doing what makes you smile. Enough time has been spent on fretting and worrying, now it’s time to shake those emotions off and focus on self-love and smiling! Celebrate your achievement no matter the size – they are all worthy of being celebrated!  Treat yourself as you want to be treated by others!!

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The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot

About the authors: Selena Joy Lovett is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner and life coach, trained in Chinese medicine, CBT and NLP counselling.  

Daniela Manutius-Forster is an artist, a storyteller and a pilgrim of sacred spaces. Her love of philosophy, imagination and spirit finds creative expression in her unique art. 

The Journey to Enlightenment Tarot is available and is published by and can be found on Amazon here.