5 Reasons to Trust Your Intuition

5 Reasons to Trust Your Intuition

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Trust Your Intuition

Marilyn Monroe once said, “a woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself.”  This I know to be very true personally and professionally. How about you? It seems as if women have this uncanny ability to sense what steps they should take and what steps should ultimately be avoided. When we aren’t true to ourselves and we go against our intuition, we usually live to regret that decision. If you are tired of going against the grain and want to go forward with trusting your powerful womanly intuition, here are 5 reasons to stop distrusting your intuition for good! 

#1  Life is All About Living   


The human experience is a lived experience. What does that mean? It can be difficult to understand what comes next until you take a step forward. Your intuition is an internal compass helping to guide you down the path of life. Why fight it? Don’t let fear, naysayers, doubt, or uncertainty stand in the way of following your intuition. Go out and live the life you want for yourself! 

#2 Everything Happens for a Reason 


Nothing in life is happenstance. There is a reason why everything happens. If you can accept this to be true and valid then wouldn’t there be a reason why you have gut feelings about decisions or people in your life? Yes, Yes, and YES! Trust your gut and know that there is a reason for your intuition. It is up to you to listen and act appropriately.  

#3 Choose Intuition Over Regret 


To be human means you will make decisions that result in outcomes you like and dislike. Regret happens when you go against what you want to do or when you make a decision that results in an undesirable outcome. Even when that happens, there is a lesson that you will learn from the undesirable situation. However, when faced with choosing your intuition and going against it, you risk having an experience you will regret. It is up to you to choose intuition over regret each and every time. 

#4 There is a Lesson to be Learned 


It is remarkable how many life lessons that come your way. Whether you accept the lessons or reflect on them is completely up to you. Know that following your intuition plays a role in leading you to situations to teach lessons meant for you. When you go against your intuition, you risk learning an alternative lesson in that may or may not help you in this season of your life. Why put yourself through this? Wouldn’t it be easier just to trust yourself and your intuition and receive the lessons needed for this stage of life? 

#5 Life Doesn’t Have to be Complicated  


People LOVE to say, “life is so complicated.” But does it really have to be? Or do people make life more complicated and dramatic than necessary? Following your intuition can be a simplified way of approaching life decisions and situations without the extra complexity of worry, fear, doubt, and regret. Currently, I am expecting my first baby and I am thoroughly enjoying listening to my intuition and making decisions that best serve myself, my baby, and my family. Why make things so complicated? I encourage you to take a step back when you are in a situation where your gut is telling you to do something, and you are actively fighting your intuition. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Am I overcomplicating this?” 

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