What's Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the April Tarotscope!

What’s Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the June Tarotscope!

June Tarotscope with Selena Joy Lovett

Let’s have a look at the energies coming up for the month ahead in the June Tarotscope…

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If you let go of control, the need to lead the way and just ease up on yourself, this no-action will allow the next stages of your future flow.  You may be surprised as to what happens.  

The wheel of fortune comes in to show us that if we let go – the wheel will rotate and bring a positive turn of events into your life.  This may mean you have to move on, which may be a bit painful or difficult but life is always changing and you can make it easier for yourself by letting these changes happen – by stepping back and surrendering without fear to the future, the universe will bring in what’s right for you on the next stage of your journey.  

When we want to control our future and have our mindset so ridged on something – we can manifest this, however it may not be what is destined to be in our lives, so it will be moved out of our path.  So just let things move and then the wheel of fortune will synchronize opportunities and events that are right for you.  


Have you been working alone for too long or feeling unsupported at work? Then now is the time to either reach out to co-workers and suggest an informal social gathering, or if you are feeling unsupported let others know that you could be more productive if you had a bit of support.  People may not know how you feel so it’s time to express this.  You may find when you meet up that they too have been feeling alone, cut off, or unsupported but were too scared to open up and talk about it.  There is positive energy around so work should be more fun and carefree this month; it may even bring you something to celebrate

Time to call in your friends – If you are without work then this is a networking card suggesting that you get out there and let friends, family, and ex co-workers know that you are looking for a job or have a new venture to launch.  Sharing your intentions will bring in a higher vibe around creating celebrations.  


A time to treat yourself and indulge in some full-on self-love – treating yourself to something that perhaps you feel is extravagant.  This doesn’t have to mean something you buy, this can just mean having some rest, me time, putting yourself first and finding out what your needs are, and fulfill them.  

Within a relationship then it’s time to focus on making some quality time together, maybe a night away – if you can’t go away –  throw some petals on the bed, bubbles in the bath, put the champagne on ice, and pretend you’re at a 5-star resort.


You have something special, a pearl of wisdom that you should bring out and share with the world but you can’t do if you are hiding in the shadows.  It’s time to let go of your security blanket and let the universe lead the way.

Stop clinging so tightly to what you know and breathe deeply; become centered and ready to launch yourself forward.  Listen to some self-confidence-building hypnosis, meditate, use a vision board or make sure you are with people that encourage you rather than feed your fear. 

Trust in the universe, trust that she has your back and will move you in the right direction.  Be brave and have faith!!! 

If you hear yourself feeding the fear stop and replace the negative words with words of hope, vision, intention, and encouragement. 

Have an amazing month.

Many blessings

Selena Joy

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About the Author: Selena Joy Lovett is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner, and life coach, trained in Chinese Medicine, CBT, and NLP counseling. She works with the Tarot to guide seekers forward on a journey of enlightenment, helping them release any negative energy preventing them from achieving their goals. For more about the deck go here.