What's Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the April Tarotscope!

What’s Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the July Tarotscope!

JulyTarotscope with Selena Joy Lovett

Let’s have a look at the energies coming up for the month ahead in the July Tarotscope…

What's Your Love & Work Vibe This Month? View the July Tarotscope!

Let your inner child come out and play… 


This year what with one thing and another has been a bit of an uphill struggle for many (to put it mildly!) as we have gone through many changes.  Reward yourself for bravely pushing through.  This month is a wonderful time to be able to ease up, relax more, and have more time to focus on your self-love and care.  Sacrifices have been made so now it’s time to refill the gaps where you have sent out too much energy and put so much effort into things, so make sure you are taking some time out to care for your needs.  The Empress is a great sign that all the seeds of love, effort, and intention you have sown are now growing in abundance and taking you to a place where you feel blessed and worthy.  At last, there is a new influx of energy around family, friends, and relationships bringing in love and mended rifts.     

The Empress encourages you to be the best version of yourself through self-love, acceptance, and self-belief.  Channel your inner goddess energy by nurturing yourself and those around you, especially those that look up to you for advice. 


Time for you to turn your thoughts into action!  Speak out and speak up for yourself within the workplace.  Now is definitely the time to shout out and promote yourself and what you do on social media. New ideas that you have been having are worth investigating further as you are full of clear inspiration.  This ace is a flashing good omen helping you break free from any stagnate energy that has been around.  This month clear thoughts and communication are the key ingredients to keeping your work and career-high vibing. This new clarity enables you to focus and follow through on new opportunities and make long-term plans. The ace of sword screams you’ve got this!


To really appreciate all that you have in your life right now to the fullest you may need to clear out old thought patterns, feelings, and past memories.  This will make space in your heart to really feel at this moment in time, enabling you to appreciate and love what you have in your life.  Opening your heart to more love and easing away pain from the past.  With the focus on this moment in time and what you have in your life, will clear the path for new or more love to enter your life.  Set yourself and others boundaries, in order to let go of the past you may have to be more mentally disciplined making your mind focus on the future and the things that you want now – not the past.  Also as you are a new person, that’s been through many changes, it may be necessary to explain to others where your boundaries are, as unless you state what you do and don’t want, people sometimes don’t understand or treat you how you deserve to be treated.  Once your boundaries are set and respected, relationships flow and this lays strong foundations for a stable future 


There is a joy around you and you look at the world through rose coloured glasses.  Love is in the air, not necessarily romance but that innocent child-like love that makes you feel in love with the world and fascination with what’s going on around you.  You will find yourself looking at the beauty and the good things within, instead of finding the negative.  Allow your inner child to come out and play!!  With this sense of optimism, your vibe is high and you will attract more of what you send out to the universe.  Seeing things through this new perspective brings in inspiration and allows intuition to flow, listen to what you feel, and follow your dream.   Be open to the unexpected this month.

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Selena Joy Lovett is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, mindfulness practitioner, and life coach, trained in Chinese Medicine, CBT, and NLP counseling. She works with the Tarot to guide seekers forward on a journey of enlightenment, helping them release any negative energy preventing them from achieving their goals.