I Had a Baby, Now What?

I Had a Baby, Now What?

Hello PMM Family! I know it has been a minute since you have heard from me, but I am BACK! Where did I go? I had my son Kahlil Jordan Nurse (aka KJ) in June, and my life hasn’t been the same ever since. He has amazed and amused me from the minute I first held him in the hospital. How has motherhood been? It is truly hard to describe. I believe raising a child is the most beautiful and challenging thing I will ever do in life. 

After spending nine long months pregnant, your baby arrives, and now you have to now figure out what parenting is going to look for yourself. I was crystal clear on all the wrongs I wanted to right from my childhood. But the amount of “on-the-job learning” is unbelievable. Here are the 10 things I have done to make the transition to this next chapter of my life that much easier:  

#1 – Stick to a Routine  


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I live for exercising in the morning. If I miss it, the day becomes incredibly challenging and a lot less enjoyable.  When I start my day with a morning walk or working out at the gym, I feel empowered and invigorated with the energy needed to care for my son while balancing everything else I have to do in life. 

#2 – Don’t Neglect Your Self-Care 


I am 100% obsessed with trying new products for my self-care routine. Yes, I had a baby and I have to devote the rest of my life to him, but mama has her needs as well! The better I care for myself, the better mother I can really be.   

#3 – Identify Your Support System 


I am incredibly lucky to have a husband who is equally obsessed with our son. He jumps at the opportunity to feed him, change his diapers, and listen to him every time he shares his baby noise. If I need help, I can confidently rely on him to care for the baby when I need to handle other life responsibilities. Thankfully, KJ has grandparents, godparents, and our personal close friends who are also deeply invested in his happiness and overall well-being. When parenting, it is critical to identify a support system for yourself, so you don’t feel like you are climbing a very large mountain by yourself.  

#4 – Enjoy the Daily Moments of Joy  


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I always loved babies but when you have your own little one, you become overwhelmed with immense joy over just how sweet, innocent, and beautiful babies really are. Soak up all the smiles, giggles, hugs, kisses, and unforgettable moments with your baby. Once the moment passes you can never get it back. I feel like I just had my son, and he is already nearly three months old! 

#5 – Be Grateful  



I am constantly sharing the importance of gratitude. Why? Gratitude will keep you grounded in life. No matter the highs or lows you face in life, gratitude helps you remember just how blessed you are for all that you experience. I am deeply grateful that I had my baby and lived through the C-section successfully. I am beyond grateful my son is growing and developing each and every day. This gratitude is what I hold on to during those tough moments and extremely long days. No matter how tired, exhausted, or deflated I may feel, I know that I have a truly blessed life.  

#6 – Ignore What You “Should” be Doing   



Parenting isn’t a democracy. You aren’t required to discuss your decisions or get approval from others. Seek advice from professionals to answer the questions you have. When your parents, in-laws, family members, or friends want to scrutinize or challenge you, remember you don’t have an obligation to parent in a way that is aligned with what others think it “should” be. It’s up to you to define your own parenthood journey.    

#7 – Take a Nap   


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I love to nap. As a busy mom who is usually up very early in the morning, I never miss an opportunity to take a nap. When my body makes it clear it is time to chill out, I listen.  Newborns typically keep you up at night for several weeks. When you can nap with your baby, you do it. Don’t worry about the dirty dishes or the laundry waiting to be washed. Work will always be there to be completed. Putting your health on the back burner is never a good idea. 

#8 – Document the Journey 


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When KJ gets older I want him to be able to have a documented track record of his childhood. With all the pictures, videos, and TikToks I make, he will never question what life was like before he could remember it. Instead, he can review the content himself. Share in the comments your thoughts on documenting life with your children. 

#9 – Speak with the Professionals   



When my husband and I first met KJ’s pediatrician I had A LOT of questions to ask about KJ. Being a new parent, I wanted to get advice and understand what’s “normal” from a professional not just what I could read about online. If you need to hear from a professional on a medical matter, do it. Otherwise, the unanswered questions may drive you crazy. 

#10 – Pursue Your Passions   


Before having KJ, I had dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish. Having him will not deter me from going after I want. For KJ to live his best life, I have to show him how to go after his dreams! 

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