Paradoxical Times for the Plus-size Fashion Industry

We Are Worthy, And We Are Powerful

This month, we’re thrilled to unveil our radiant cover model, Felicity Hayward – the force of nature behind some of the fiercest body positivity imagery and videos the plus-size fashion industry has ever witnessed.

Felicity has broken barriers as a plus-size model, author, and relentless beacon of self-love. She’s an inspiration to us all, a reminder that beauty and confidence know no size.

We’re living in a paradoxical time for the plus-size fashion industry.

On one hand, there’s greater visibility than ever before, and the winds of change are finally gaining momentum. On the other hand, we’re also witnessing disheartening regressions – a backlash to body positivity and unrealistic beauty standards that continue to plague our feeds and our lives.

My own journey offers a small reflection of this tension. As a mature woman diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis twenty years ago, a disease that often alters the body in frustrating ways, re-learning to love myself felt much like climbing a mountain. But climb it I did, and the view from the top – a place of true self-acceptance – is truly spectacular.

Let’s not sugarcoat the truth: 67% of American women wear a size 14 or larger, yet a shocking degree of body shaming and exclusion persists. We cannot move forward as an industry, cannot move forward as a society, without true diversity, inclusion, and a tireless celebration of all bodies.

This month, we’re not just highlighting stunning fashion.

We’re amplifying stories of strength, resilience, and the transformative power of self-love. We’re examining the complexities of the plus-size industry, exploring new frontiers in representation, and holding space for voices demanding real change.

Because let’s be clear: Our bodies are not a problem to be solved.

They are magnificent vessels carrying us through this extraordinary life. They’re worthy of clothing that makes us feel powerful, beautiful, and undeniably ourselves.

Join us for a powerful one-to-one with our cover model Felicity Hayward on Instagram later this month and allow her energy to be our guide to self-love. Let’s find inspiration in the stories of everyday women forging their paths. Let’s ignite a fierce love for ourselves, right here, right now, regardless of size or circumstance. Because we are worthy, and we are powerful.

With love and fierce determination,

Maddy Jones