Modeling Scam Alert

Important Notice From PLUS Model Magazine: SCAM ALERT

Please be on the lookout for this internet modeling scam… There is a person claiming to be from PLUS Model Magazine who is trolling the internet looking for victims for their money laundering scam. We do not know this person. This person does not work for us. They have never worked for us. And most importantly, PLUS does NOT contact models directly advising that we will pay for pictures for the magazine — ever. If someone is contacting you saying so, this is a scam!


  • Posting from a company that is NOT PLUS Model Magazine:“PLUS Model Magazine, is setting a job opening across the country for young and new aspiring Arts and models , our major objective is to promote new and young models for our clothing lines and introducing new faces to the business. This position is a paid job and open for both male and female with no implied nudity of any kind,interested applicant are to send 1 of their picture for review to ([email protected]) and we will get back at you within 24hrs with more details and review. No experience needed as it our objective to build and encourage new and young models.”They also provided this as their address:14455 N Hayden Road Suite 226.Scottsdale, AZ85260 United States
  • We have no one July 6, 2010: Someone from the email address [email protected] is claiming to be a scout for PLUS Model Magazine. They are offering a large sum of money for the use of your photo. This is a scam as they are NOT associated with PLUS in any way.
  • Contact: We have NO correspondants from the UK
  • Email Address: You will ONLY be contacted by someone from the email address [email protected]

As the SCAM changes frequently, here are some warning signs that seem to be consistent:

  • You will receive an email and/or are contacted through a website you belong to
  • This person (male or female) advises that they are one (or all of the following):A ‘scout’, A ‘Scout Agent’, Are with an agency, Are employed with PLUS, And/or have some affiliation with PLUS
  • They advise that they saw your pictures on a website
  • They advise that they will pay you for your photos for the magazine and/or project.
  • They advise that everything is legitimate as you will be paid.
  • They close with a phone number and the link to plusmodelmag.com.
  • Sometimes they enclose covers from our magazine, as well as other reputable online plus magazines, as representation of their work.

The story changes frequently and it is impossible to keep up with their latest antics as they change stories, contact names, phone #’s, email addresses, etc. But anything that sounds remotely like the above is a complete SCAM!

How else can you identify that this is a scam?

  • The most important one… Remember, PLUS does NOT contact models directly advising that we will pay for pictures for the magazine — ever. If someone is contacting you saying so, this is a scam!
  • We only book plus size, female models for our magazine. We do not book men nor women under size 12.
  • Emails are poorly written… very poor spelling and sentence structure.
  • They will ask for your personal information.
  • They will eventually ask you to setup a bank account.
  • They will ask you to sign a contract.
  • They will ask for none from you with the contract.

Here is some additional information on how to identify them (and please note, this changes frequently!)

  • Some of the names they use are: Lucy Jason, Juan, Juan Carlso, John Mclain, John Jades, Juan Maclain, Teresa Smith, Alex Taylor, Larry Paul, Barr Williams, Barr Andy Williamson, Barr A Williams (as well as others).
  • Some of the contact information includes: [email protected], +447045746137, +44 (0) 31837938, +447031837938, 07985122353, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (as well as others)
  • They refer to the company as: Plus Model Magazine, Plus Magazine, PM Magzine, PM Magzines LTD. (as well as others)
  • They ask you to wire money to a Western Union account — here is one of the exact scams: WESTERN UNION TRANSACTION name: Gbemisola Surname:Adeboga Location:Akoka Country:NigeriaQuestion: What is the company’s name?Answer: PM MAGAZINES LTD.

How do you know if you are being contacted by the real PLUS Model Magazine?

  1. You will have been contacted by the only official PLUS Model Magazine Facebook page, www.facebook.com/plusmodelmag
  2. You will have initiated contact directly with PLUS Model Magazine first
  3. You will already know the photographer and/or agent asking you to pose for the cover or editorial. Again, we do not contact models directly advising that we will pay for pictures for the magazine — ever.

If you are being solicited from an unknown source claiming to be PLUS Model Magazine (or PLUS MAGAZINE, or any company that is connected with our website address), this is a SCAM!

What can you do if contacted by the scammer?

  1. Report them directly to the website in which you have been contacted. (i.e. if they contact you through musecube.com, modelmayhem.com, tagged.com, gayplanet.com, yuwie.com, bearwww.com, blackplanet.com, adam4adam.com or any dating or social network site where your pictures are posted, you MUST report this directly to that website as they are the only ones who can delete them.)
  2. Do NOT continue correspondence with the scammer in any way, shape or form!
  3. Please email us immediately with any information you have about the scammer. Please include a copy of the original email.

Thank you… and be web safe!

* PLUS Model Magazine and Venus Imaging Education, LLC, the publisher, will accept no responsibility for the actions of this scam organization/company. As with any opportunity on the internet, you must be diligent in not sharing your personal information as well as doing your research when contemplating working with any organization that contacts you via the internet.