Project Runway’s Ven Proves What Is Wrong With The Fashion Industry

Talk about throwing stones!

Project Runway contestant Ven had a hissy fit about having to design for a size 14 during last nights REAL SIZE challenge. He is quoted as saying she is not fashion forward and has no shape. I thought this was the job of a designer, to create a silhouette that the customer will love!  Then again, why would he think that way when mainstream fashion continues to turn a blind eye to 65% of women in the US?  Specialty brands and select designers that specialize in plus size fashion are selling to millions of women all over the world while others leave money on the table because it’s just not cool to design “big clothing”.

Ven, you need to look in the mirror honey; you are not exactly rocking a six pack.  Terri  (the real size model) dry those tears. You are FABULOUS!




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  1. wanda lovell hill says

    Didn’t get to watch PRW last night, I thought this was why they were so full of talent , they could design anything, apparently NOT.. I can see right not that he has not enough Talent, given this small project. Don’t worry Ven there are thousands of Talented Designers waiting to take your place, SHAME ON YOU….

  2. Kathi says

    I was fuming when I watched it. She was only a size 14- I cannot imagine how he would have treated me at 2x her size! Her “before” looked better than her ”after” & maybe he should go take a look in the mirror- because if he was a woman he would be considered plus size. She never asked for anything slimming but he sure that word out left & right. I was so sad to see he got to stay after the way he treated her!

  3. Deb@ says

    Haven’t caught the last few seasons as I am just too bizzy with charity work for teevee these days. All I can say is WHAT a JERK! Yes, it IS the job of the designer to make the customer/model look good. I used to be a size four with a struggle. ANYTHING looked good on me if it looked good on the hanger, because that was basically what I was. Age has changed that to a 14/16. So be it. Mr Van better wake his sorry butt up and smell the coffee, unless he intends to sell a line exclusively in Henry Bendel for women who never eat.

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