Big and Tall Male Modeling

Aspiring plus male model Joe asks, “I was wondering how to get into big and tall male modeling.”

I was so delighted to get an email from a man wanting to get into plus-size modeling! I actually have an actor friend, whom I met at a shoot, who has done the “Big and Tall” catalogues. He is about 5’11” and about 250 lbs. He fell into “modeling” since he is registered with a commercial print agency and has done quite a bit of print work.

Although there are no fashion agencies that I know of, whom cater to plus-size male fashion, advertising agencies look for “Big and Tall” men for ad campaigns and of course there is the catalogue and website work.

The best way to get into this business is to send some pictures, a headshot and full body shot to a couple of commercial print agencies with a cover letter describing your attributes and that you are interested in “Big and Tall” work and character/real people commercial work.

I don’t know which city the person who emailed me is located in, but again do your research and find local commercial print agencies. Also, if you have the ability to travel and reside in a small city, take a stab at sending your pictures to the nearest largest city.

Please feel free to submit your pictures and specs to websites that cater to your type. You never know what kind of opportunities may open up to you, when you make your own path!