Physical Requirements For Plus Models

Physical Requirements For Plus Models

This Month’s Question… I was wondering if there are any physical requirements (by physical I mean bust size, waist size, hip size, height etc.) in plus size modeling and if so what are they? I ask because I know that smaller runway models must be 5’7″ and up, I just want to know if those same rules apply for the plus size models.

The physical requirements of plus size models vary. Basically, if you look at a size chart (which you can find in any plus size clothing catalog) you can see the measurements for each size. Some measurements differ and you can be off by an inch in your bust or hip compared to what you see on the chart.

However, you can be any size and work in different capacities. There are on-line fashion catalogs that hire women size 16-24. I’ve known one petite plus size model in my career here in NYC. Only fit models have to maintain their personal perfect proportions to maintain their clients. Plus size fashion models are usually a size 12-16/18 and 5’7″ or taller. The world of “Runway” is all on its own and most girls are 5’10 and up.

Some models, like me, are blessed with big bottoms, but our bust is on the smaller size. So do you know what we do? We stuff our bras with the pillow cups which we lovingly refer to as “chicken cutlets”. One model I personally know wears a padded panty to help her rear end look fuller. It is all about being proportionate for your frame. Remember being healthy is what sells, that is the wonderfully big difference between plus-size models and our size 0 sister models in the straight sized fashion world.