Options for Plus Models On the Curvier Side of Plus

Options for Plus Models On the Curvier Side of Plus

I just want to know what agencies there are for women 250 and up.  I am myself 350 lbs and see women like myself in ads and on the internet.

The answer to this question is all on how you want to be portrayed.

If you have no problem with being cast as the quirky, funny, stereotypical “chubby” girl…you can register with any print agency that has a division dedicated to character types.

However, if you want to be portrayed as sexy, young and vivacious you will have a harder time finding representation because it is the advertisers who do not sometimes look outside the box.

Even my modeling agency in NYC was contacted by a local radio station wanting to hire two plus size girls to “make fun of” in their commercial. Most of the models, myself included, were told of the commercial concept and declined to go to the casting because we don’t agree on being represented in that light.

However, two newer models who understood the concept, knew the job was paying, and were comfortable being portrayed in a stereotypical light were not at all concerned and booked the job.  This dilemma arrives quite frequently on agent’s desks.

Most women want to look and feel pretty and the best place to do that is on the internet since you have a much larger audience and more lifestyle choices to choose from.

There may not be much money, but you can still model for designers or pose for calendars and contests, etc.

Decide on how you want to be portrayed as and then follow through with your plan…remember this is a business.